Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why I love being and Aunt & Mom

I am so lucky.... I have a job that allows me to spend time with my kids and
my nieces and nephew!
We had a great day today at the new Sports Com pool which now has
water slides.
Kaylea, Kolson, Kassie and Jaden all had a great time.
Does my heart good to bring happiness in their lives!
They keep me young and make me happy!
Ohhh, how I love summer!

This is the kids as we walked in!
Jaden and Kolson coming down slide

Kaylea wondering what in the heck she just did! She loved it!

So proud!

again and again she went!

Kassie on the slide

Sweet girl showing me how she can float on her back

isn't that cute!

My sweet girls
They wore me out and I didn't plan on getting in the water but
when your little 3 yr old niece ask you to catch her when she jumps off then
you do! I can tell you that water was cold and I don't know that anyone
else would have gotten me in there.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baseball is life!

Summer time around our house means baseball!
Jaden is playing on a Travel team and is doing good!
I miss the baseball days with Matthew but we are having a great time with Jaden and his
ball. He is a lefty just like his brother.
He has so much drive to win.
This is my nephew Kolson at Jadens game! Isn't he cute.... yes I know he is.

This is my sister in law and my niece Kassie.

Hope everyone is having a great summer......we sure are but it is going
by too fast!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Why does time fly by so fast?

Here are some pictures from Florida and such.
I am beginning to think I am a bad blogger.
I seem to not be able to keep up like some others do.
I wish I could update this everyday!
Anyway.... here are some of Matt and Jaden.
Then Me and Matts girlfriend drug him down to do
some pictures of the 2 of them and they turned out so cute!

My niece and nephew playing at our house last Friday. Spent
the whole day with them and had a grand ole time
Kaylea has been visiting her other grandmother
and she came this past weekend back to see us.!
So exciting

Jaden sporting his David Price #14
Serious stuff people!
Jaden and Matt in Atlanta

Jaden waiting on David Price to come and warm up!

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog and my Mom has so reminded me!
There is so much going on and seems that summer is passing by so fast.
What all have we been up to since school let out, well let's see!
We have been to Atlanta for a ballgame and to see our local hero David Price. We have been to Florida.
I can not believe it has been one year ago that I was getting ready to send my son off to college and now he
he is home for the summer and he cant wait to go back to Knoxville.
It is a bit strange when they come home from college.... of course at some point over this last year I guess
I still have the title of "Mom is dumb and don't know a thing"! Ha
Hate to tell him that I still know ALOT!