Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009....lots of Pictures

Can Not believe that Christmas 2009 has come and gone.
Boy that was fast. We had about 4 days of food, food and more food.
Presents , presents and more presents.
We spent our holidays at home.
Christmas eve was with my Mom at her house with all the family.
My Dad and step mom came in on Christmas day and stayed
for 2 nights.
We had a great time all weekend with everyone.
There is a lot of pictures on this post and not really
in order......I added some as I went.
Hope you all had a very nice holiday.
Happy New Year!!!!
The boys stockings filled with goodies
My brother and his lovely wife

The kids on Christmas night

My Dad......

Everyone in my kitchen fixing plates

I got all the kids a Zhu Zhu pet. Wrapped them up alike and
made them sit down and open them at the same time. They loved
them. They were so happy which made my day.
If the kids are happy, I am happy.
Of course Matt didn't get one... see him sitting on the chair
in the background thinking "Oh Lord". haha

opening Zhu Zhu pets!
MacKenzie (matts girlfriend) Opening her little ring from Matt
he bought her a heart ring with Diamonds in it
From Kay.
he wrapped that little ring in several big boxes.
Her instructions

Jadens gift from Matt. A UT football signed by the team.
Matt is good friends with one of the players and he got them to sign
it for Jaden. He was thrilled!!!!
Jadens letter to Santa......
1:30am......Santa finally has all the gifts out!
This is just for the boys!

Bet he was tired!

This is Jaden at school. They exchanged gifts.
$5.00 gift and passed them around while music played.
She divided them in groups.
Jadens Class. Love his Teacher this year!

This is my little sweet adopted niece Kaylea.
She had PJ day at school and this is her modeling her
new PJ's I bought for her.
She had to be styling...haha

Kassie and niece and nephew

Daisy...... need I say more.

Hope you all have all your dreams come true
in 2010.
God bless!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

From our house to yours...

Yes it is one of my favorite times of year. I thought I would
take you on a little mini tour of
our home holiday style.
I have also included some of my mom's tree.
She survived the spring Good Friday
tornado back in April without loosing
any of her Christmas stuff.
Enjoy and have a
blessed weekend!!!

This is Daisy.......our little girl of the house!
Can't tell you how many pictures I had to take to get
this one! Ha!
Decided to put a tree in the master bedroom this year.
Found it on Clearance last year and forgot I had it.
I buy lots of stuff and the end of the year!

This is Jaden's deal. He loves to sit the Nativity scene
out and loves to place the houses. This is in the foyer.

This is the outside of our house. Actually could
not get a really good picture for some reason.

This is an ornament one of my friends made me this year.
Love stuff made my people.
Thanks Sophia!!

Our Tree in the Great Room.

The Breakfast nook.
This is my Moms tree. Let me tell you, the woman
loves ornaments! She has like 1 billion on there.
It is sooooooo pretty though.

Jaden, Kolson and Kassie (my niece and nephew)
spent the night at Granny's last night.
Thought this was cute!

This is one of Mom's ornaments. This is my
Great Grandfather Ott Stafford.
He was the sweetest man you would ever wanna meet.

Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas 2009

Where has time gone? It is 2 weeks til Christmas and I have very few gifts.
I have been busy with this little girl..... my 3 old "adopted niece"
and my own 8 yr old boy and try to also manage to be a Mom
to a college kid.
This is Kaylea. She just turned 3. She is my sister in laws, brothers little girl.
Her Mom passes away about a yr ago and I have
tried to do some "Mommy" stuff with her.
I have had a lot of fun with her as you can imagine.
She is like part of us now.
This is Matthew and MacKenzie. She got accepted to UT Knoxville
also but has not decided yet where she will go. She will graduate in 2010.
They have done good making it work with him in Knoxville and her here.

We went to Opryland hotel this week. Here is
Jaden and I.
Hate pictures of me!

My brother and his family. His wife Karla,
my niece Kassie, and nephew Kolson.

The Kiddo's

I took this a few weeks ago outside when Jaden was going to have some
pictures made for his other grandmother.
Thought it was a neat picture!

Our beautiful fall.... of course all that is gone now.
Happy Holidays and Happy shopping to me.
Ha. Lord I have so much to do!
With Love,