Monday, June 30, 2008

Party People

Nice crowd!Coach and the team
ok, when can we get back in the pool?

I took on the wonderful job of hosting the party for Jaden's ball team. We had it at our pool on Sunday night and it was a great hit.

Everyone but 1 showed up and the boys had a great time. We let them swim first , then we ate and did trophies.

It was a great evening.

Here are a few pictures of the fun.

They also threw the head coach in. We were really blessed to have him this year. Jaden really had a lot of fun with that team this year.

Oh yea, and they gave their sponsor a really nice plaque..."ME"!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not much goin on......

I have had a boring day ....... the day started out with just odd ball stuff. Feeding the new baby birds in my blue bird house. Took Jaden to Granny's, (his 2nd home).
My partner in real estate and his wife welcomed a new baby boy last night. We thought the name was one thing, and now we think they changed it.

Talked on the phone alot.
Tried to get some work done..... ended up on the computer doing some college stuff for Matthew.
And Matthew,,, well you know that boy cant sit still for one second, so what did he do today.
He walked 4 1/2 miles at the golf course and was the caddie for one of his best friends.
This is the article that was in the paper tonight. Cute story....

Tomorrow is hair appt at 930, then swim day!!!!!! POOL, relaxation! I hope!

Here is the article about Matt's buddy. Go to the bottom to keep from reading the whole dang thing!

Horenkamp 1 shot back at U.S. Junior Am qualifier
By ROGER GARFIELD • • June 24, 2008

The hottest stretch of Michael Horenkamp’s junior golf career continues.
Horenkamp, a rising senior at Siegel High, shot 71 in the first round of U.S. Junior Amateur Championship qualifying Tuesday morning at Old Fort Golf Club and is tied for third — one stroke back of the lead entering today’s final round.

Robbie Taylor of Brentwood and Marshall Talkington of Jackson both shot 2-under 70 and are tied for first.Horenkamp, who won two tournaments last week and also shot a 69 at Harpeth Hills June 17 — the low qualifying round for the Tennessee Junior Amateur — hit 14 of 18 greens in Tuesday’s round, carding four birdies en route to his lowest-ever 18-hole score at Old Fort.“I’ve been playing a lot the last two weeks, and this has been a two-week stretch where I’m playing my best golf,” Horenkamp said.The second and final round of the qualifying will take place Wednesday morning. The top three two-day finishers advance to the U.S. Junior Amateur July 21-26 in Birmingham, Ala.Horenkamp will tee off at 9:15 a.m. with Craig Whitt and Tenner Taddeo, both of whom shot 71, as well. In an unfortunate turn of events, Horenkamp will only be chasing Taylor and Talkington — and not current Siegel teammate Michael Wallace.After carding a round of 70, Wallace discovered that he accidentally played the wrong ball on hole No. 5. He was disqualified.“This is my first DQ I’ve ever had,” Wallace said. “It just couldn’t have come at a worse time.”On the par-4 fifth, Wallace hit his second shot from the fairway into some trees behind the green. Thinking it might have been out of bounds, he hit a provisional to be safe. Wallace eventually found his first ball and consulted the rule book to decide his next course of action.“I could have taken two club lengths or gone back to my original,” said Wallace, who ultimately played his provisional ball and carded a bogey. The rules state he would have actually had to go back to his spot in the fairway and hit another approach shot after he determined his ball in the woods was unplayable.“It was just a big misunderstanding,” he said. “I’m not mad, because it’s the rules. I didn’t do it right. “I’m just disappointed because I had a legitimate chance to qualify.”Oakland rising senior Lexus Keoninh had an off day and is tied for 20th after shooting a 5-over 77. Keoninh shot even par over his final 13 holes after starting 5-over through five. He triple-bogeyed No. 5 and had just two birdies all day.“I wasn’t really satisfied with (Tuesday’s) round at all,” said Keoninh, who will tee off at 8:30 a.m. today.The 16-year-old Keoninh said he hasn’t managed to avoid at least one big number per round of late.“Going back to all my rounds this year,” Keoninh said, “I’ve at least had a double bogey or a triple. It’s like a virus attached to me. It’s an omen or something. I can’t really think about that. I just tell myself ‘Play good, bounce back,’ and I kind of did for a while. “... But it’s golf. It’s a funny game.”Murfreesboro native Matt Emery, a rising senior at Chattanooga Baylor, shot 73 and is tied for ninth. Emery recently returned from right ankle surgery and was pleased after Tuesday’s round not just that he played so well through his injury, but that he was still in the hunt.“My goal is definitely top three right now,” said Emery, who tees off at 8:57 a.m. Wednesday. “This is my fourth year to try for this, and I just need to put two rounds together. ... This will be a big thing if I qualify.”Horenkamp feels the similarly, although playing in just his second Junior Am qualifying, he admits he’s in uncharted territory — near the top of the leaderboard playing for such a prestigious prize.“

I’m trying not to think of that,” Horenkamp said. “That’ll just make me nervous.”His main remedy for nerves so far has been his caddie, Matt Roberson, a fellow rising senior who is on the bowling team with Horenkamp in the winters.“(Roberson) was just out there cracking jokes the whole time,” Horenkamp said, “and that made it a lot easier.”— Roger Garfield, 615-278-5168

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Matthew at Vandy

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Very proud MOTHER....

That is me tonight. Well, it is about 11:50 pm Sunday night and we just got home from a day at the ball field again. It was our last night at Vanderbilt playing in a showcase tournament.
I am going to attempt to make a long story short.
Matthew played 2 games today, one at 3:15, and one at 5:30. He pitched the 2nd game.
He was a little excited because we all know who is sitting in the stands watching all these game..... yes COLLEGE scouts. Recruiting scouts. This is a huge deal to a teenager let me tell you.
Ok... play by play. Game one is over, game 2 fixing to start. As usual, Matthew sits in dugout gets the ball, gets his glove and waits on game time. I text a message to him and said this
"go out there, have confidence, and have fun, and PRAY". Those were my words to him. I knew how bad he wanted to pitch at Vanderbilt stadium and how much he wanted to do well.

Ok.... game starts. Matthew takes to the mound, walks the first batter. His mother (me) is sitting there saying this is not gonna happen , he is gonna do good. Well, it got better from there.
1st inning is over, and I see a guy walk over to a couple of guys that were clocking Matthews speed and then he walked over to our head coach , they talked. Well I am sitting on the front row taking pictures of my son and here walks over our head coach and he told me that a coach from
Missouri wanted to talk to Matthew after the game and the rest was a BLURR. I about died.
Really, I just about fell out of my seat and croaked right there on the spot. I guess if you have a heart attack having it near Vanderbilt hospital would be the place, LOL.

Anyway, I sat there a second and thought to myself "did I really hear him right"?
This is why you play ball, this is why we do this and this is what we dreamed of.

I know, this keeps getting longer and longer. Well, after he pitched 6 innings they pulled him. After the game I am sitting there watching Matt like a hawk to see who is gonna talk to him. It was the most COOLEST feeling in the world. I mean I am sitting there with my camera taking pictures like crazy.
The coach was from The College of the Ozarks in Missouri. Now, not that this is where he will go or not, but to have someone pick your son out of all those kids is totally cool.
And can we also say that I am thinking of who is home with a computer that can tell me where the heck it is..... ok I call Stacy and he does Map quest from their web site and it is about 470 miles from HOME, and 8 1/2 hours. Can we say that at that moment I had a melt down even thinking that my child could be that far away from HOME, and me and especially JADEN!
Oh my GOsh......

last but not least... Matthew is on cloud 9 million. Is is so excited just to get this kind of acknowledgement.

Ok, I will post more later................. but just couldn't wait!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jadens game

Friday, June 20, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame....

Game at David Lipscomb
Jaden at Vanderbilt
Matt warming up. He is the tall one!
Jaden at his game. Come'on hit it to me, I dare ya.

Well, as many of you know most of my time gets spent at ball field with both of my boys and this week has been no different.

Jaden has had games, and Matthew had A LOT of games.

Matthew is playing in a showcase tourn. That is where some of the college scouts come and watch players, and yes there were about 5 MLB scouts there yesterday.

We seen some from the Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies and several others. It is interesting to watch them watch the players.

We played Wednesday night at David Lipscomb college, and yesterday and the rest of the weekend at Vanderbilt (which by the way is where my Mom has said since Matt was about 1 year old would go to college, I wish).

Anyway here are a few pictures from the games. Matt is sceduled to pitch on Saturday.

His arm is doing good.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day...

was spent with me at the ball field with Matthew, and Jaden spending the day with Daddy!
My dad however was in Atlanta. I talked to him today though and told him Happy Fathers day.

This is a funny story. Yesterday Jaden and Stacy were in Champs Sporting goods and Jaden
knew today was fathers day, so he found a Atlanta Braves shirt that was just like his and got it off the rack and told Stacy that he wanted to get that for him for fathers day and that he had to buy it. Just like Jaden, always thinking of others.
So of couse what did Stacy do, he bought it. Nothing like buying your own fathers day gift.

We got him a few other things too, but I am sure that moment was priceless!!!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doctor Doctor give me some news...........

the news was put on a temp splint on the arm, come back for an MRI and follow up appt.

The doctor said that he can not throw for a week (pitch).

Matt has been having some aching problem in the elbow for about a week, and as you can

see this is where we are now.

We got a great devise from my dear friend David (Laurens husband) that helped a lot with the

pain. Thanks David!

Ok, and are you ready for this. The doctor also said you can let it rest or if baseball is important

to you then we can do an MRI......... ok excuse me, did he just say is baseball important.

Dude, do we sit in 100 degree heat for the heck of it. Do we spend almost every breathing moment at the field for our health.... NO.

Anyway. Matt will go Friday morning at 6:45 for a MRI, and we see the Doctor on Monday at


Keep us in your prayers!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

HOT Atlanta....

After the game. Jaden loved it

Chipper Jones (left)

Matt on base. Check out the 1st baseman how big!

And did I say HOTTTTT! Hey, I have been doing this travel ball for about 11 years now and I dont think I was ever as hot as I was this weekend in Atlanta.

Well, we just got back from Atlanta from Matthews baseball (again). They had a game on

Saturday and Sunday. We didn't stay for the Sunday game since Jaden had game back

in Murfreesboro on Sunday. He already missed Saturdays game.

We hooked up my my Dad and Sandra.

To make a long story short,,, Jaden wiggled his way into smoozzzzing with the Coaches of Matthews team, next thing I know he has his self a Diamondbacks shirt and he is in the dug out.

He is the luckiest little 7 year old I know.

Saturday night Jaden talked me into staying and going to the Braves game. So me, being the "MoM that I am we went to the Braves game. He loved it. We drove back after the game and got home at 12:30am.

Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


the lady who got me doing all this blog stuff!

My good friend Lauren introduced me on her blog page, and so I thought it was only fair to do the same.

And also, now you can put a name with a face of the lady who got me started doing this.

I tease her all the time that I have to try to keep up with the young part of life since I am getting old ! Lauren is also Dawson's mommy who you have seen several pictures of him in some of my slide shows. She is one of my co-workers and I love her to death.
Sometimes at work we would come in dressed a lot alike , or have on the same colors for the day. I tell her it made me feel good since she is in her mid 20' and I am... well we wont talk about that part.
What we love the MOST is when we get a chance to keep her sweet baby. He is so precious, and seeing him grow has been fun.

THANKS Lauren!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A look inside

Face lift for my BLOG

Ok, the same friend that started me doing this, also lead me to the girl who done
a little face lift on my blog page.

I love it! Thanks so much Ashley for the new design.

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