Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doctor Doctor give me some news...........

the news was put on a temp splint on the arm, come back for an MRI and follow up appt.

The doctor said that he can not throw for a week (pitch).

Matt has been having some aching problem in the elbow for about a week, and as you can

see this is where we are now.

We got a great devise from my dear friend David (Laurens husband) that helped a lot with the

pain. Thanks David!

Ok, and are you ready for this. The doctor also said you can let it rest or if baseball is important

to you then we can do an MRI......... ok excuse me, did he just say is baseball important.

Dude, do we sit in 100 degree heat for the heck of it. Do we spend almost every breathing moment at the field for our health.... NO.

Anyway. Matt will go Friday morning at 6:45 for a MRI, and we see the Doctor on Monday at


Keep us in your prayers!!


Lauren said...

I laughed out loud reading this! Um, is baseball important? Ya think?? I hope his arm feels better. I know it has to be frustrating not to be able to play.