Saturday, May 31, 2008

Diamondbacks 2008

Matthew got to do his thing last night during the game playing for the Diamondbacks.

He had a good outting.

It took him a couple of innings to knock the "rust" off, but after that he done great.

You can go to the team page here and look.

Click on "stats" and you will see his stats.

Also, if you look on the home page, he is in the top stats for pitchers.

He pitched the whole game.

lasley sign

Wipe out!

Man, I had the scare of my life. I was in the bathroom

doing my makeup this morning, and Jaden came in screaming

and bloody all over his face. He had a meeting with the

pavement and his scooter. Note to self......SLOW DOWN,

and he will never ever get on that thing again without a helment.

I was actually on the phone with his dad talking

about today and all the plans for Jadens game, and hung up on

his screaming with fear, and the next thing I know he is knocking on the door in panic as well.

Gonna be a long day,

and now I am not sure Jaden can play ball today,

and of course that has broke his heart!

Please Pray he gets better!!! ;(

Thursday, May 29, 2008

More pics


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little dab will do ya.........

take a look at this yard.

Wow, nice rain = PRETTY GRASS!

Go Green...........

We did. Yes, we are now recycling everything. I do mean everything.

Jaden learned about this at school, and since we do a have a land fill pretty close by,

we thought we would do our part. Now our family looks on every box, bottle bag, jar,

paper, magazine and see if it can be recycled. I told Jaden that if I paid, yes I said PAID someone

to come and get this stuff every week, then he had to take it to the street and make sure that it go put out for the guy to pick it up...

Way to go Jaden...................

Another American meal...


Boy am I ever tired of it. Jaden had a game tonight, and let me start by saying that he had the best game of the season.

He didn't let a ball by him tonight. He plays pitcher! It is actually coach pitch, he just plays in the circle. He did great.

And let me add this also, TOMORROW is the Last day OF school!!!!!!!! Can we also say "THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS"!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey guy, move over.....

Ok, if any of you seen the pictures a few weeks ago with Jaden and his 17 year old girlfriend.... well this is the other one.
This is one of the Siegel baseball players girlfriend, and Jaden
also takes up her time when Michael is on the field.

Well today at the field, Jaden spots them sitting at the picnic table, and I was sitting there watching him.
Next move is Jaden going over and conveniently sitting in between them and as they say the rest is history....

Air Jaden.....

This also is
Jadens friends that are also his make believe band members. Shane and Cooper.

Well as you can see, Jaden thought he was on the basketball court even in the pool.

We went to one of his friends house after school yesterday for a pool party. We pulled up to the house that was in Breckenridge and it had to be at least 9000 sqft., Jaden says "wow , their house is bigger than ours". Uhhhh slightly.

It was absolutely beautiful.

They had a lovely pool in the backyard and opened it up to Jadens whole class, the then we grilled out and all of us Moms sat there and chatted and laughed at all the kids.

They had a great time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What my kids talk me into....

Well, for about 2 months Matthew had decided he wanted to start working out.. ya know , try to get some muscles.

Well 2 months later, we have this in our garage.

Yep, I know I got suckered into it as usual.

I told him that I hope he will use it and keep it up on a regular basis. He is motivated about it.

Jaden was more funny about it than anyone last night. He was using the bar with no weights, then pulled

his shirt off and wanted me to feel his GUNS!!! LOL :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just chillin this afternoon

Well, I set a record. I got up today and went to the sales meeting... WOW.

I was actually in the office at 8am (early for me). But the big man was in the house today

at work,,,, and that would be the man himself Bob Parks!

Wanted to hear what he had to say about the market!

And after all that, I came home and checked on birdies, and

Jaden and one of his friends rode around in all the vehicles we have....

And the rest is history.

O yea, did I say that I was COOKING. Wow a home cooked meal. Matt about passed out!

For all you Hillary Fans (or not)...

If any of you know my Mom, she is a HUGE supporter of Hillary Clinton, and so is

my Aunt in W.Va.

If you look at the picture here, you will see my aunt sitting yesterday at a local school

in West by GoD Virginia.....

Yep, that is her in the tan top to the right of the kid with the sign. Let me tell you, I am sure

up there in that neck of the woods (literally), that was a big deal.

And she even got an autograph!

Mom.... I know you're proud!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Well... it is a coldish CLOUDY day and all is quiet here.
Called all the family yesterday to go out for Breakfast this morning at Cracker Barrel and we
said , hey lets go at ab out 10am while most are still in church....
WE got there are the women looked me in the eye and said it is 1 hour and 15 min wait.

Well , I don't know about you, but Cracker Barrel is NOT worth that kinda wait,
so we all ended up at Shoney's with the rest of the red-necks in M'boro.

Very quiet Mothers day too. Jaden was suppose to be with me, but last night decided that he
wanted to stay with his dad, so what is a Mom suppose to do. I let him go. And my other lovely
son probably does not even know it is Mothers Day, and I have not seen him since he had to be at work at 11am and was still in a coma when I left .

Momma said there would be days like this.................
So, I got bored and decided to go and walk around Wal-Mart........ with the rest of the red necks in Murfreesboro.

Guess I will go see if I can find some warmth in the tanning bed.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ice Cream time.

Coach treated the team to Ice cream after the game, and

I decided to let a couple of my
"Homies" ride with me and Dad in the

"Stang". Man , we were cool waving at all the ladies.

Just wait til we are 16! WOW

Phillies Win

Thats right... we won and now are in 1st place.

Our home away from home, the ballfield.

Jaden played good after letting a ball go between his legs at the pitcher mound,and then Coach Mom (me) yelled "Jaden , get your glove down". Dang, do you not know that you can not let those balls do that.

Then I remembered that he is 7, and this is not Matt's High School team.

Oh well...

Thanks Jaden

What in the heck do you say to your 7 year old when he comes up with a bowl of what?????

That is my blooms off my Magnolia tree.......... yes the ones that were fixing to blossom.

He thought they were seeds and he wanted to pick them.

Oh boy, KIDS!

Our home!

Murfreesboro, TN.... our home.

We love our house. It is a fun neighborhood to live in. We live on a cul de sac in a

community with a pool and great neighbors.

Love my patio, and planting flowers and just relaxing.

Maybe you can also tell that I LOVE MY GRASS!!!

Mustang Fever

Yea...this will be Jadens in 9 years (so he says).

Now really, can we not see Jaden cruising the streets of Murfreesboro in this, picking up all the girls. Yea, I can!!

And he is a chip off the ole' block... loves mustangs and rock n roll just like his Daddy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Siegel Basketball banquet

How fun was this... we got invited to the High School banquet. Or maybe I should say

Jaden got invited!

Many of you know that Jaden is I guess you would say the mascot for Siegel High Basketball.

He lives, breathes, and eats it up.

We have done this for 3 years now, and it is just a blast.

Here are a few pictures from the banquet. After all the players got their awards, they

had one last award to give out and guess who got that one.

Yes, none other than Jaden and it was for Biggest Star.

You talk about proud. He walked up there with that chest stuck out and got his award.

And the one highlight was getting his picture with his "girlfriend" Amy. She is only 17, but oh well you gotta start somewhere huh?

Too soon to go home....

Well , it was a pure heartbreaker.... we lost last night.

Siegel Stars played a great game and just came up 1 run short.

It was the most emotional game I have watched in while, and as I seen the last out

for us being made and knowing we were gonna loose my heart just broke.

It has been a while since I have wanted to win that bad, and boy did I ever!

It just hurt. I sat there on the bleacher and wanted to cry. After sitting there for 5 minutes

I finally got up, walked and stood waiting on the team to get done with their speech from the coach.

Finally , here comes Matt and he looked just empty inside. He too wanted it BAD!

Oh well as they say, there is next year which will be Matthews senior year. Maybe that will be out trip to the State Tourn.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My newest babies

One of the last trips that my Dad made to our house, him and my brother put

us up a blue bird house.

Less that 24 hours later we already had blue birds building a nest.

Now abuot 1 1/2 months later the eggs have hatched, and we have 4 babies.

We have enjoyed feeding the Mommy and her babies Mill Worms (gross), which I have

to say are in my refrigerator (hope Matt dont look in there and see them , he may thinks

it is food for him as much as he eats).

Thanks Grandad! We love it.

WOW...what a game

Ok, now that I can breathe a little easier today after last nights game. All I can say is

"way to go ROBIE" !

We were in a do or die situation with this game to be able to keep playing. So Robie did what

he had to do, and that was pitch well, and boy did he. It was as he said was "one of his best"

We won 5-2. He pitched 6 1/3 innings, before they brought in Ryan Bratten to pitch to the last 2 batters.

I never seen a kid so proud as Matthew was last night.

Siegel Plays tonight at 5pm vs Oakland, and WHEN we win that one we will play again

at 730.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Today or not today...

Ok, I woke up thinking about the big game tonight.
Siegel plays at 6:30, and yes my son will be the starting pitcher.

I am excited for him,and actually Matthew does better when he is in a game that he knows has a lot of meaning.

So with that said, I then say " GO GET EM' ROBIE".

I know you are gonna do it. You will have a lot of people supporting you tonight.
GOOD LUCK STARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well the Siegel Stars get a chance

With a loss to Oakland on Saturday, we gotta win on Monday.

We will play Warren County on Monday at 6:30. And it gets even better.

Matthew, better knows at Robie will be pitching (so the coach told him today).

He is really excited about it.

Ok..... I will be the Mom pacing the stands. GO STARS!!!!!