Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Well... it is a coldish CLOUDY day and all is quiet here.
Called all the family yesterday to go out for Breakfast this morning at Cracker Barrel and we
said , hey lets go at ab out 10am while most are still in church....
WE got there are the women looked me in the eye and said it is 1 hour and 15 min wait.

Well , I don't know about you, but Cracker Barrel is NOT worth that kinda wait,
so we all ended up at Shoney's with the rest of the red-necks in M'boro.

Very quiet Mothers day too. Jaden was suppose to be with me, but last night decided that he
wanted to stay with his dad, so what is a Mom suppose to do. I let him go. And my other lovely
son probably does not even know it is Mothers Day, and I have not seen him since he had to be at work at 11am and was still in a coma when I left .

Momma said there would be days like this.................
So, I got bored and decided to go and walk around Wal-Mart........ with the rest of the red necks in Murfreesboro.

Guess I will go see if I can find some warmth in the tanning bed.