Friday, August 29, 2008

Trying something new...

I have been trying to update my page some. I had somehow lost my first
layout, so now I have had to try to do something on my own.

This is just a preview........dang I didn't know you could do so much on this thing. LOL!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a week.....

Jaden has really been into the Olympics even though it is over. We had to make him a USA shirt and he comes home and loves playing like he is on team USA. He really enjoyed watching most of it. And loved the swimming.
Here he is with the flag that was on the house. Gotta love it
This has been our life for about 2 weeks. Jaden had strep throat, then Matt got it.
Now both boys have allergies. GHEZZZ! I guess now that school started there are lots of little germs floating around...

Anyone been watching the Convention! I'm so glad they had signs up for me...LOL. And yes, Jaden has watched this also. He gets his political kick from my Mother. I don't think I have ever really paid that much attention to this stuff before.
And finally, tonight is TITANS football and MTSU plays.

GO Titans. Atleast with Farve gone I dont have to listen to my 17yr old son bugging me about Green Bay. Atleast not until November when Titans play the Jets.

Hope your week has been good!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL starts tonight too! Gotta love this time of the year.

Go MTSU, Tenneessee, Vandy!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Are 64% Girly
You're a pretty girly chick, and you're not ashamed to admit it (or wear pink).
But you're also practical. You can hang with the guys, as long as they're not too gross!
How Girly Are You?

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Need I say more.............

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

Here are some things about me that you might not know.....

1) I grew up in LA, that stand for Lower Antioch . Better known as the hood now. For those of you who done know where that is, it is in South Nashville. Back then.... and I do mean way back then it was just good ole' country boys and girls. Now..... well like I said it is the Hood, or little Mexico. Whewww how times have changes.


2) I am what most people would think of as a girly girly, but on the weekend I will wash my own car, do yard work and clean outside. I am not afraid to mow grass, weedeat, clean cars or anything like that. I am REALLY funny about a clean car. I think the ole' saying is true, You are what you drive. And nothing drives like a clean car. Now the inside might not be as clean, but you wont see me in a dirty car on the outside very often. I was taught well by my Father.Especially in my line of work, you gotta look good!

3) I do drink coffee most every morning. That is usually the first thing I do in the morning. Cream and Sugar please. But only 1 cup.


4) I am a sports nut! I love , love , love, love The Tennessee Titans! And I love baseball(duh), I love racing . I grew up going to the race track in Nashville most of my younger years and teenage years. My father worked down there and we went every Saturday night. Total redneck , I know. But I loved it.


5) I love to shop. I love shoes, purses and clothes. I also like buying for the house. I like changing Comforters on the bed too. I am not one of these people that will have the same bedding on the bed for years and years.


6) I AM A CLEAN FREAK! I have a nick name from some of my friends ...... they call me "April", like as in April Fresh. I am very , very bad about cleaniness. Now, my house does get a bit messy during the summer because I live at the ballfield and POOL, but other than that I am REALLY bad about cleaning. And because of that I really have a phobia of staying in a Hotel. In fact if Matthews ball team has to stay overnight at anytime, they usually get me to find the hotel because they know I will find the BEST and cleanest.

Now that I am done with this..... I tag everyone that reads this and has not been tagged yet.

Have fun! Happy Hump Day.. :)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Shrimp and Stupid Pack-n-Plays(featuring Lauren)..

Today was another fun fun fun day at the office.

We got to welcome Sophia back from her honeymoon. Lauren go to give Sophia the rental phone back. We got to take a look at Sophia's pictures from her honeymoon (the PG rated ones anyway) from Hawaii.

It made Lauren and I soooooooo jealous.

So much so that she told her DH that she really wanted to go back to Hawaii again, and he asked what in the world they would do with Dawson, so you know me I offered to keep him or they could let me go and I would be the Nanny. I think that sounds great! Ha.

We galz decide that we are hungry and after Lauren looked at the pictures of shrimp in that place they call paradise we decide we are going to lunch and they wanted to have shrimp of some sort . So off to lunch we go.


As we are all packing up our purses and all our goodies , Lauren manages to take down the play pen (better know as the Keep Dawson entertained while I take dumb rental calls) she is having one heck of a time getting the "thing" to fold back up so she can put it away until next time Sophia leaves town ...ha.

Anyway I captured a few pictures of our Dear LAUREN having a slight meltdown...........people it was actually kinda funny. Finally with a 3rd hand (mine) we got it down.
And we were off to our paradise for some sort of shrimp...... our paradise today was called Puleo's Grille. I would stay tuned to Laurens blog for more details on lunch..... we had some very funny moments with Dawson. I never seen Lauren laugh so hard. :)

Where is a man when you need them?
This may be another moment of the little Chinese guy laughing at you.
Ok, out the window this thing goes...

Sophia and Dawson getting Jiggy with it...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Birthday celebration.

Me and Dawson checking out the specials. Hmmm,Aunt Michelle they dont have
baby food here.
David, Lauren and Daswon
Lets see Aunt Michelle, What do you want to eat.

Eric in the back ground laughing at us silly people.

Wow, you gotta LOVE (not) when you turn 40. Seems you get to celebrate for a few days.

Yesterday my fun co-workers took me out to Olive Garden. We had a great time. We requested one of Matthew's friends girlfriends as our waitress and she did a great job. She also fell in love with Dawson...... Jaden will be jealous. ha

I was showered with gifts and fun! And of course Dawson was the center af attention.

And Lauren (being the sneaky thing she is) brought me a Heath Bar Cake. Wow it was great.

I ended up leaving before we had cake because Jaden called from school sick, but she brought

me the part they DIDN'T eat to my house.

Nice to have wonderful friends!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

It was special................

my 40th bday. Didn't do too much during the day. Me and Jaden went to the pool for about 3 hours. He played while I got some sun, and listened to Matts Ipod.
Then we decided at VERY last minute to go to the Titans game. It was great. We won, and I spent about 100.00. You would have really thought this was Jadens bday. Ha.

But as the story goes.......$60 for 2 tickets in the lower level,$15 to park, $18 for chicken fingers, a pretzel and a coke, and $25 for Jaden a football and tee..........PRICELESS! When my kids are happy, then I am happy!

Jaden taking it all in at the Titans game.
#10 Vince Young
Yo' Vince. Jaden wants to come down there with you.
Check it out! Bob Parks Realty! Jaden noticed it first.
This is the card that Matthew gave me with a gift card to Chilli's. Do you think he is wanting me to take him to dinner... Ha. Real cute Matt.. Oh yea, the card also played music.

I got these lovely flowers from my Aunt and Uncle in W.Va. Thanks Allen and Jup( not her real name, its a nick name. Real name Margret).

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Friday, August 8, 2008

39 and HOLDING on for Dear LIFE!

~~~Oh crap, tomorrow is the day! ~~~What day you ask? It is the day that I have dreaded since my birthday last year when I turned 39, and knew that they next one that came around if the
good Lord allowed it was gonna be 40.

I actually can not believe it if you wanna know the truth.
The good part is for the most part I don't feel it. I have 2 of the most wonderful kids that keep
me busy.

Oh yea, my dear son Matthew started his SENIOR year today at school too. Now that makes me feel OLD. And then tonight at dinner, Jaden said "Hmmmm, you and Dad both are now 40". Thanks Jaden, words of wisdom. I said "yes Jaden, but your Daddy will always be older than me" .

This week was a busy one. Jaden had school all week , but today . Today I took him, Kassie and Kolson to the pool. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I laid out in the sun and took in a few magazines and tried to relax.
~Tuesday I want to meet Jadens teacher. It seems that my name was the only one on the sign up sheet to "HELP" out in the class with parties and all that. I thought I was signing up to help but since the name Michelle was the only one on there...... you guessed it. I am the room Mom! I think it will actually be ok.
~Thursday we watched the D'man, better known as Dawson. He was so cute! Jaden loves him a lot. So do I . He brings us a lot of JOY. We had a little blow out in the Huggies, so we had to give him a little bath in the BIG jaccuzi tub. He loved it, and all was good. Wraped him up in the towel, held him and he went to sleep. He is the sweetest!

Matthew worked a lot this week with it being back to school time. That was a nice break.... get him out of the house some. It seems our house is the hang out place..... ha. Anyway, he is glad to be back to work after a longggggg summer of baseball. He is gonna be glad for that nice PAYDAY!

Also, I came across this blog from another one that I read. If you get a chance to look at it try to.
Pray that her baby will get the healing he needs. She is a trooper.
Go to

Have a Great WEEKEND! By the way , tomorrow is also the 1st Titans game of the year. Go Titans. :)
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL

I am so ready for football season to start. Last night's pre-season game just got us

in the mood.

Love my Titans, and go BIG ORANGE!!!

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What does August 4th and Monday mean?

It means that this is the downhill slide to
Saturday August 9th,
which is also my 40TH b'day!


I am not, not, not looking forward to it. Why you ask........let me break it down for you.

1. The idea of 40 or 40 something is not my idea of fun.

2. You will soon be in the category of having other medical things done and tested. It is when the word cholesterol, or mammogram become common words.

3. I am already noticing that you wake up each day with a different pain in your body.

4. Your kids all of a sudden think you are OLD. And Jaden thinks old means you die.

5. Gray hair (most of mine are from KIDS).

There are many more things that I could touch on, but I will save you the agony.

But all in all, I still feel young at heart, my younger friends (you know who you are) keep me up to date on all the "young" trends. And of course my kids keep me feeling like I have no choice other than to keep up. I still will crank up the radio on a good song. Ha.
Guess all in all, you truely are only as old as you feel, so I guess I am really only gonna be 25 (I wish).

I had said a few years ago that I wanted a convertible by the time I was 40, and that I wanted to be out of M'boro ( like out of the country) when I turned 40 but none of this is gonna happen. Maybe when I am 50. By then I will have a child that will be 27 and maybe grandkids, and Jaden will graduate high

Have a great week friends and family............... and I am going back into my shell. Ha.