Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Birthday celebration.

Me and Dawson checking out the specials. Hmmm,Aunt Michelle they dont have
baby food here.
David, Lauren and Daswon
Lets see Aunt Michelle, What do you want to eat.

Eric in the back ground laughing at us silly people.

Wow, you gotta LOVE (not) when you turn 40. Seems you get to celebrate for a few days.

Yesterday my fun co-workers took me out to Olive Garden. We had a great time. We requested one of Matthew's friends girlfriends as our waitress and she did a great job. She also fell in love with Dawson...... Jaden will be jealous. ha

I was showered with gifts and fun! And of course Dawson was the center af attention.

And Lauren (being the sneaky thing she is) brought me a Heath Bar Cake. Wow it was great.

I ended up leaving before we had cake because Jaden called from school sick, but she brought

me the part they DIDN'T eat to my house.

Nice to have wonderful friends!

lasley sign


Lauren said...

I think the last part should say "The part David and Eric didn't wolf down like starving dogs was brought to you..." :)

I'm glad we saw you at Target today! I spent way too much money!!

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!! And P.S. You don't look anywhere close to 40 - I want to know your secret! :-)