Monday, August 18, 2008

Shrimp and Stupid Pack-n-Plays(featuring Lauren)..

Today was another fun fun fun day at the office.

We got to welcome Sophia back from her honeymoon. Lauren go to give Sophia the rental phone back. We got to take a look at Sophia's pictures from her honeymoon (the PG rated ones anyway) from Hawaii.

It made Lauren and I soooooooo jealous.

So much so that she told her DH that she really wanted to go back to Hawaii again, and he asked what in the world they would do with Dawson, so you know me I offered to keep him or they could let me go and I would be the Nanny. I think that sounds great! Ha.

We galz decide that we are hungry and after Lauren looked at the pictures of shrimp in that place they call paradise we decide we are going to lunch and they wanted to have shrimp of some sort . So off to lunch we go.


As we are all packing up our purses and all our goodies , Lauren manages to take down the play pen (better know as the Keep Dawson entertained while I take dumb rental calls) she is having one heck of a time getting the "thing" to fold back up so she can put it away until next time Sophia leaves town ...ha.

Anyway I captured a few pictures of our Dear LAUREN having a slight meltdown...........people it was actually kinda funny. Finally with a 3rd hand (mine) we got it down.
And we were off to our paradise for some sort of shrimp...... our paradise today was called Puleo's Grille. I would stay tuned to Laurens blog for more details on lunch..... we had some very funny moments with Dawson. I never seen Lauren laugh so hard. :)

Where is a man when you need them?
This may be another moment of the little Chinese guy laughing at you.
Ok, out the window this thing goes...

Sophia and Dawson getting Jiggy with it...

lasley sign


Amanda said...

I would have paid big money to see that! Ha! (Love Ya Lauren!!!)