Friday, August 8, 2008

39 and HOLDING on for Dear LIFE!

~~~Oh crap, tomorrow is the day! ~~~What day you ask? It is the day that I have dreaded since my birthday last year when I turned 39, and knew that they next one that came around if the
good Lord allowed it was gonna be 40.

I actually can not believe it if you wanna know the truth.
The good part is for the most part I don't feel it. I have 2 of the most wonderful kids that keep
me busy.

Oh yea, my dear son Matthew started his SENIOR year today at school too. Now that makes me feel OLD. And then tonight at dinner, Jaden said "Hmmmm, you and Dad both are now 40". Thanks Jaden, words of wisdom. I said "yes Jaden, but your Daddy will always be older than me" .

This week was a busy one. Jaden had school all week , but today . Today I took him, Kassie and Kolson to the pool. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I laid out in the sun and took in a few magazines and tried to relax.
~Tuesday I want to meet Jadens teacher. It seems that my name was the only one on the sign up sheet to "HELP" out in the class with parties and all that. I thought I was signing up to help but since the name Michelle was the only one on there...... you guessed it. I am the room Mom! I think it will actually be ok.
~Thursday we watched the D'man, better known as Dawson. He was so cute! Jaden loves him a lot. So do I . He brings us a lot of JOY. We had a little blow out in the Huggies, so we had to give him a little bath in the BIG jaccuzi tub. He loved it, and all was good. Wraped him up in the towel, held him and he went to sleep. He is the sweetest!

Matthew worked a lot this week with it being back to school time. That was a nice break.... get him out of the house some. It seems our house is the hang out place..... ha. Anyway, he is glad to be back to work after a longggggg summer of baseball. He is gonna be glad for that nice PAYDAY!

Also, I came across this blog from another one that I read. If you get a chance to look at it try to.
Pray that her baby will get the healing he needs. She is a trooper.
Go to

Have a Great WEEKEND! By the way , tomorrow is also the 1st Titans game of the year. Go Titans. :)
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Granny Kennedy said...


Happy Birthday. Thanks for the 39 years of joy you have brought into my life and the joy of Matthew & Jaden. I love you with all my heart and I wish you God's Blessings today and all the days of your life.

Be Happy...........You are Loved.


Paula said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I just celebrated my 56th! Somedays I feel 16 and other days 90! Your Blog is great! You have two very handsome sons--it must run in the family!! Love you all the muches, Aunt Paula

Lauren said...

Sorry about the blowout!!! ;) Thanks for being such a great Aunt to Dawson. don't look 40! Or 39!