Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello Everyone

I know, I know. It has been a while. I have been super busy with all the Christmas stuff. Wish I could say work was super buys, but that is not the case. Continue to pray that the housing market turns around so. Here are a few pictures from Christmas.
The boys had a great time. They got everything in the world.
Jaden got a dirt bike. That was his big present. I have not downloaded all my pic's. I will post pictures tomorrow.
Oh yea, and I have to say GO TITANS ! Great win last week against the STEELERS. Sorry all you relatives who love them. Sorry we beat you ! Sorry that the road to the super bowl comes thru NASHVILLE.
Hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and Happy New YEAR!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Home Tour 08'

Hello and welcome to our home for the Holiday's.
This is my first year doing this, and hope you enjoy it.
One of our traditions is putting the tree up on Thanksgiving, and My
Mom always helps. By the time we are done we are so tired.
Well, come on in.......

First off we can't forget the best NFL team now can we.
This is Jaden's part. He puts out all the houses. And let me tell you
dare I touch how his sets this up.

One of my lighted houses.

Our house this past Friday when we had a gorgeous SNOW

The kids stockings from Pottery Barn. Just simple. Hey , they are boys.

The Kids tree, boring but with all their little ornaments.

My breakfast table.

Our tree, 9ft. No it is not pre-lit. It is lite
by me and My mom. 1000 lites.

Our home.
Thanks for visiting.
Merry Christmas and may God Bless you in 2009!

Friday, December 12, 2008

We Got SNOW!!!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We got 3" here
in Middle Tennessee. I can not tell you how excited I was.
I am like a BIG kid when it snows.
Jaden was so excited. We had actually been
talking about snow a lot lately and then this.
He told me last night that he prayed it would snow and that it was snowing
because he prayer for it. Too cute :)
We played in it last night for about 2 hours. It was perfect snow.
The flakes were huge. It was right at 32 degrees outside which made
it nice wet snow.
Of course they got out of school. I am sure if any of you Northern people are
reading this you are saying "you got out of schoo" for that!
Oh yea, we get out for any little bit.
Enjoy the pictures.

Jaden in back yard.
This is our house last night when it was really coming down.

One of our shrubs... isn't that pretty?

Me and my sweet boy.
Also, keep Amanda in your prayers. Her house got hit by lightening on Monday night
in North Ga. They got out, but they have quite a mess to deal with.
Here is her new blog address.
This is not what you want to deal with, much less at the holiday time.
Hope you all have a great Weekend


Monday, December 8, 2008

Call us CrAzY

But yes, me and My sweet Son Jaden went to the Titans game yesterday
and the game time temp was 29. Wind chill was about 19.
It was freezing. I was ok until my feet got cold. Poor Jaden, he
would get up and watch the plays then get back
under the covers. We had on several layers of clothing.
We sat in the end zone so that was neat.
We have a busy week this week. Matt starts district play this
week for bowling . He is excited about that. I will try to get pictures, but
it is not easy and you cant use a flash in the bowling alley.
He bowls 3 days this week and on Wed starts Physical Therapy on
his elbow. I just pray he gets better. He is really
worried about it.
I got a busy week of lots of stuff with the Kido's...
Hope your week is great!

Jaden, can you see?
Man, were we ever cold. But we did get some snuggle time :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas time and wondering if......

Matthew will be here next year at Christmas or will he be coming home for Christmas?
As he still does not know where he will end up going to school, he has gotten accepted
to lots of good schools. Some close, some not so close. Of course I want to
see him go where he wants and really want to see him play baseball, but who
knows if his arm will allow it.
But as I put their stockings up, I realize this COULD be the last Christmas with
him at home. Ok, can you say meltdown.
This week was just full of odd and end things. Not much going on. And really not much in the Real Estate world. I am hoping that will change soon. Hey, what about those gas prices. I got gas today for $1.48. WOW. I love that.
Jaden and I are going to the TITANS game tomorrow. It is gonna be cold. So if you see a woman and a little kids waving in the end zone like crazy when we win, it will be me and Jaden. I am excited. I love going, but just hope I am ready for the cold weather.
Anyway.... here are a few pictures of some of our Christmas stuff.

This is when I had my meltdown..... oh gosh.
Now when this one goes to college, me and MY mom will be in
the tissue box.

We love our Titans
So is anyone done with Christmas shopping?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

OK, that 5 days just flew. Poor Jaden did not want to get up this morning. But there is a bright side. Only 2 1/2 weeks til Christmas break. Yay.
Well we had some great family time, and some great food. We ate a small dinner with my Mom on Thursday. We watched the Titans game, oh yea can we say 11-1. And then after we ate it was put the tree up time.
My Mom thinks we have to hang every single ornament. We were so tired when we got done. The tree is 9 ft. and we did the lights and all that decorating that night. It is one of the most prettiest I have ever had. Check back on Dec 15th for the Christmas tour.
On Saturday I got up at 8 , put a 17lb turkey in the oven. The family came over to eat and visit.
We had a great time. The food was wonderful. But by the time it was over I was exhausted. Whew.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Hope your holiday was great!
Jaden and Kassie eating Thanksgiving dinner
These 2 ornaments are ones my Mom gave me about 19 yrs ago.
The represent the 2 babies I miscarried . My angels.
I put them out every year. They mean a lot to me.

My table

Decorated for Christmas.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tennessee Titans.............

Are you ready for some football? I sure am. Today is gonna be a good one.

Titans vs. Jets and Brett Farve. Matthew and Daddy have gone to the game...bummer for me and Jaden.

Matthew has been a Brett Farve fan since he was about 5.

Don't ask me why because we have no family there , and we are not fans but oh well. I guess most everyone likes him to a degree.

I am a HUGE fan of the Titans. I love it. I have loved it since they came to Nashville and didn't look back. I have been to many , many games. Sat in the heat for pre-season and have sat in the bitter cold. I will make it to one this year again. Hope to a playoff game.

So how about it, if you are not from here do you follow the team that is 10-0. I would like to know who you like and do you follow the BEST team in the NFL right now?

Go Titans!

Friday, November 21, 2008

7 year old with the coolest JOB !

Man I love this game.

Jaden picking up all the balls (per Coach)

Oh, how he loves this.

Yes, he does.

Ya see, my son is the little guy who brings the high school team onto the court during all home games, a few away games, and most off the playoff games.
This is his 4th yr to do this. It is just the coolest thing ever. When it comes around to the beginning of the season Jaden switches gears from baseball, from football (somewhat), and into full BASKETBALL mode. Jaden is the first one to run out with the rest of the team behind him. He goes down and takes a shot then heads to the middle of the court giving the team high fives while they practice before game. SO COOL!

This means going and buying new shoes, new shorts, new shirt.

He is loved , loved, loved by the students at school. He is quiet a celebrity around. We can go places and people see him and will say in a little quiet voice "look, that's the kid that runs out with Siege's basketball team". It is just the greatest.

Well, last night was the first game of the season and it was just as sweet as ever.

Ok guys, pick up a step
We WON! 94-48

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Wednesday

It's been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I better catch up.
It has been a busy week or so. It seems like everyday it is something.
Last week I got the mail, and in the mail was the sample of Matthew's graduation invitation.
Ok.... I was not ready for that. It is getting more and more real. The next day he brought home all the stuff to order all that STUFF!
This is a funny moment. Almost as good as Matt's pink eye...
Yesterday I picked Jaden up from school and when we got home I was taking my boots off and he just so happened to look over and see them.
Ok, they are black, high boots just like you all wear.
Well Jaden looks at me and says "Hey Mom, those are cool, they look like KISS boots. Ya know, as in the rock group KISS>
I'm thinking you have got to be kidding me.
See below for the rest of the story
KISS BOOTS...Thanks Jaden

Here is Jaden heading to school. He is very much into the rock n roll look. He loves Music and loves all the stuff that goes with it.

Jaden doing homework... yes he thinks his hat looks like what Rocker's wear.

Matt Bowling. He has been doing really well. He is 2nd in the district right now. We go back on Monday for his arm. It does not bother him bowling, but it does when
he throws baseball.
Hope you all have a good week. Next week is Turkey time. For me , it is put the tree

Sunday, November 16, 2008


What in the world... My signiture is gone at the end of my post and now
there is this box that says its been deleted.
Does anyone know what happend??


Isn't it Great

to be a Tennessee Titan's fan.

I have always love the Titan's, but this year it is oh so sweet.

What about it all you Non -Tennessee people.

Don't you love it too??

lasley sign

Friday, November 14, 2008

I have to lead you to

Amy's blog today.

Just when I had a bad day, I come home and see this.
Thanks Amy.

Click link

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey Mom "I think I have Pink EYE"

I am at work today doing pretty much nothing since NOONE wants to buy houses today. Anyway, Matthew
is at school and is NOT suppose to be texting his Mother all morning about school stuff, grades (good), and all that junk.
Well, I get back from lunch (yea I get a lunch break in real estate) and Matthew sends me this text message that says just this " I think I have pink eye". I send him one back ... "well don't rub it and I will look at it when you get home and we have some drops for it".
He replies a few minutes later and says these exact words " I had 2 contacts in my left eye!! How did that happen?" I about rolled out of my chair. I am sitting there shaking my head and sent back to him "because you goofey or one jumped out of your right eye and landed in your left eye".


Yes, this is the kid with Pink eye.... LOL

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Field Trip without Mom

Today Jaden's class was going on a field trip and if any of you know me you know that
I don't usually miss stuff like this. But this time to be honest it was not something I was very excited about so I DIDN'T sign up to go.
Well , Jaden just assumed I was going. So this was the conversation this morning.
Jaden sais "Mom, you better get your jeans on for the field trip
I said "Jaden I am not going on that one today"
Jaden said "your not going"?
I said "No, I didn't sign up to go to this one so you will be with your teacher and the other parents that go.
Jaden said" well I guess that means I am a BIG boy since you are not going"...
I said "yes, you are a big boy but that is not why I didn't go, I just wanted other parents to have a chance to go too".
My baby is growing up. He will be 8 in Feb. I can't believe it.
The meaning to the story is that Jaden wanted me to go,and I hate I didn't go,
but he feels like he is REALLY cool and BIG that he is going and
will have a GREAT time.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have always loved

the country music award shows.
And tonight again it was here in good ole MUSIC CITY!
Here are a few of my favorites... but first I dont know if you know this artist. He used to be the lead singer for Lonestar until a few months ago when he went solo. Well, I seen him here at our LOCAL Chili's eatting dinner with his family. Kinda cool as I have always liked their music.

Of course, Carrie Underwood.

One of my Favorite groups Sugarland

Nicole, move over because I LOVE Keith

Can we say "whew!"

Love watching the shows and love seeing all the stars.
Wish I could go to one of these shows one day.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



In war, there are lives risked and lives taken
Men and women giving their best to defend what they love
They defend their country
Their honor
Their people

Some call them soldiers
Others call them heroes

Our veterans have risked their lives for us
They have lived through hell and fought with honor
Many have killed
And regret doing so

For every life, there is a soul
For every soul, there is a life
For those who have died, we show great appreciation and remembrance
For those who live, along with them live the horrific memories of battle
Some, memories of defeat
Some, memories of victory

Our veterans were more than soldiers
They were, and still are heroes

Because of You, Unknown Soldier

Do you know anyone who is serving in the military
right now?
I have lots of family that did.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wow! Can it really be my 100th

post on my blog. I had to back and double check that.

I have a busy day today helping at the High School to help with the baseball teams
fundraiser . In other words, just a money maker so it helps us not have to pay so
much. Oh, and lets not mention that it right now is 39 degrees outside. I gotta find my
gloves to go to the baseball field. It should be fun. They are having homerun derby. And
singing and all that. Hey, he is a senior and I should be cherishing these moments , huh?

Anyway..... I posted a link to the right for a Christmas tour of homes. If you want to put this on your blog just click the link. I thought it would be very neat for all of us to share pictures of our homes for Christmas.
Any collections you many have, your tree, your outside lights and just all the
pretty decor.
Since we can't all visit everyone's houses at Christmas I thought this was a neat idea to share
the holiday season.

So how about it, are you in?

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