Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wow! Can it really be my 100th

post on my blog. I had to back and double check that.

I have a busy day today helping at the High School to help with the baseball teams
fundraiser . In other words, just a money maker so it helps us not have to pay so
much. Oh, and lets not mention that it right now is 39 degrees outside. I gotta find my
gloves to go to the baseball field. It should be fun. They are having homerun derby. And
singing and all that. Hey, he is a senior and I should be cherishing these moments , huh?

Anyway..... I posted a link to the right for a Christmas tour of homes. If you want to put this on your blog just click the link. I thought it would be very neat for all of us to share pictures of our homes for Christmas.
Any collections you many have, your tree, your outside lights and just all the
pretty decor.
Since we can't all visit everyone's houses at Christmas I thought this was a neat idea to share
the holiday season.

So how about it, are you in?

lasley sign


Amanda said...

Have fun today. I'll miss you tonight, it would have been fun. :-( Seriously, we will plan it again soon!!!! I am so in the Christmas Tour of Homes!!!! I have been excited about it since I saw it on Kelly's blog a few months ago!!!

Lauren said...

That's really neat idea!! I'm in! I can't wait to see your tree.