Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This made my day!

Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. His actual birthday is tomorrow, Nov 5th.
He will be 4.
Well to make a long story short I called my brother at last minute and said what can I get him. He said just give him money and we can put that towards a Nintendo DS.
I was cool with that. But as my wheels start turning and I thought about it, I called my Mom who I also knew was gonna give him money and said "lets go in together and get him and Nintendo DS", of course she had no clue what it really was but she was okay with that.
So I rush and get ready, head over to Best Buy, get the game and wrap it and head over to the party.
Well as it turns out he opened our gift first and here is the picture of him getting his Nintendo DS. It was pure joy. The look on his face was PRICELESS!
I loved that.
From what I have heard he has not put it down since he got it. And actually fell asleep playing it the other day.
Nothing like making a kids day! :)
And it made his Aunts day too... and Granny.
Happy Birthday Kolson!

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Lauren said...

Awww!!! How sweet! You know he'll remember that for a long time!

Deidra Brown said...

Hi Michelle Glad to see that you stopped by my blog! I feel the same way about change coming to the US! Don't worry there are people in my area that's not really for change, but they will be ok! By the way are you going to Washington DC in January? Hope to see you there.

Kelee said...

He is so cute!!! And you are the best Aunt. You are very loving and generous, and the kids can sense that, that's why they all love you.