Friday, November 21, 2008

7 year old with the coolest JOB !

Man I love this game.

Jaden picking up all the balls (per Coach)

Oh, how he loves this.

Yes, he does.

Ya see, my son is the little guy who brings the high school team onto the court during all home games, a few away games, and most off the playoff games.
This is his 4th yr to do this. It is just the coolest thing ever. When it comes around to the beginning of the season Jaden switches gears from baseball, from football (somewhat), and into full BASKETBALL mode. Jaden is the first one to run out with the rest of the team behind him. He goes down and takes a shot then heads to the middle of the court giving the team high fives while they practice before game. SO COOL!

This means going and buying new shoes, new shorts, new shirt.

He is loved , loved, loved by the students at school. He is quiet a celebrity around. We can go places and people see him and will say in a little quiet voice "look, that's the kid that runs out with Siege's basketball team". It is just the greatest.

Well, last night was the first game of the season and it was just as sweet as ever.

Ok guys, pick up a step
We WON! 94-48


Lauren said...

I'm going to ask him for his autograph the next time I see him!:)

What's great is that his little personality is PERFECT for his "job".

Leigh Ann said...

What an awesome job! Wow! There are so many kids that would LOVE to do that (like my nephew)! I bet he is somewhat of a celebrity, which has to be so fun for him (and you). He is making lifelong memories right now, which is so neat. I can just picture him leading the team out on the court. That is SO sweet. You got some great pictures, too! Maybe you have a future coach on your hands?