Thursday, November 13, 2008

Field Trip without Mom

Today Jaden's class was going on a field trip and if any of you know me you know that
I don't usually miss stuff like this. But this time to be honest it was not something I was very excited about so I DIDN'T sign up to go.
Well , Jaden just assumed I was going. So this was the conversation this morning.
Jaden sais "Mom, you better get your jeans on for the field trip
I said "Jaden I am not going on that one today"
Jaden said "your not going"?
I said "No, I didn't sign up to go to this one so you will be with your teacher and the other parents that go.
Jaden said" well I guess that means I am a BIG boy since you are not going"...
I said "yes, you are a big boy but that is not why I didn't go, I just wanted other parents to have a chance to go too".
My baby is growing up. He will be 8 in Feb. I can't believe it.
The meaning to the story is that Jaden wanted me to go,and I hate I didn't go,
but he feels like he is REALLY cool and BIG that he is going and
will have a GREAT time.

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Amanda said...

Yay for Jaden! I bet that was hard for you!

Lauren said...

He is 7 going on 27. :)

Yay for taking time for you!