Monday, November 3, 2008

What a week-end.

We had a weekend full of company and fun. We made a "dummy" on Halloween with our Michael Myers Mask and sat it up in the driveway. We had a lot of fun with that.
Halloween at my house on Friday, Saturday was my nephew and Kaylea's joint birthday parties at Chuckie Cheese .
Sunday was a day of cleaning up and Watching my TITANS go 8-0. Gotta love that.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend
Kaylea, that is the wrong mask. That is Kolson's
Yep, my fav little puppy came to visit. Is he not the cutest.

Kaylea at her b'day party. She turned 2.

My Dad, Brother and Sister in law Karla on Halloween

Kassie and Kolson ready to go.
And , no I didn't get a picture of my own son. He was too busy running around.

lasley sign


Kelee said...

Uncle Roger has that thick, Kennedy hair, and you know, it looks like Dr. McDreamy's hair on Grey's Anatomy!

Lauren said...

Thank you for letting us stop by and meet all of your family! I know you were a great hostess all weekend long!