Friday, November 7, 2008

3 weeks....

until Thanksgiving will be over and I will be putting up all the Christmas Decorations.

I can't believe that it is this time of the year. Already.

I love decorating for Christmas. I love putting up the tree. I love snow.

I love buying gifts. I love the meaning of Christmas. I love seeing the happiness in

my kids eyes during Christmas. I love this time of year.

What about you? When do you put your tree up?

Do you love the holidays?

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Amanda said...

I LOVE everything about the season from the begining of the week of Thanksgiving (I love cooking and preparing) to the day of Christmas. I always shop the day after Thanksgiving, then put up my tree that night. I cannot wait to put my tree up! I hope next year will be EVEN more special with a new baby!!!!

jersey said...

I LOVE all of it!! I love the smells, the feelings, the meanings, the togetherness, the warmth of the holiday season!! We always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving!! We hand make our own bows (hubby does) for our tree, we stick with one theme and we buy a new decoration every year and add to it. I will make sure to post some pics. I LOVE seeing how magical it is for our son!! My husband thinks I go overboard sometimes and maybe I do, but kids are only young once, so let them enjoy and believe!! I love the whole idea of new possibilites and what the new year brings!!

Granny K. said...

I love Christmas and being with family. I love decorating my tree and outdoors. I have about 300 ornaments for my tree. I have to buy a new one this year and it has to be BIG.

I wish God's Blessings on all who read this.

Lauren said...

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! I love wrapping gifts and seeing people open what I got them. I can't wait to see Dawson this year!