Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas time and wondering if......

Matthew will be here next year at Christmas or will he be coming home for Christmas?
As he still does not know where he will end up going to school, he has gotten accepted
to lots of good schools. Some close, some not so close. Of course I want to
see him go where he wants and really want to see him play baseball, but who
knows if his arm will allow it.
But as I put their stockings up, I realize this COULD be the last Christmas with
him at home. Ok, can you say meltdown.
This week was just full of odd and end things. Not much going on. And really not much in the Real Estate world. I am hoping that will change soon. Hey, what about those gas prices. I got gas today for $1.48. WOW. I love that.
Jaden and I are going to the TITANS game tomorrow. It is gonna be cold. So if you see a woman and a little kids waving in the end zone like crazy when we win, it will be me and Jaden. I am excited. I love going, but just hope I am ready for the cold weather.
Anyway.... here are a few pictures of some of our Christmas stuff.

This is when I had my meltdown..... oh gosh.
Now when this one goes to college, me and MY mom will be in
the tissue box.

We love our Titans
So is anyone done with Christmas shopping?


Granny said...

I do not want to talk about it or think about it. Not my #1 Sweetie.

Michelle & Jaden stay warm tomorrow.

Amanda said...

I am hoping Matthew choses UTC, I'll have to go down to campus and give him the grand tour from an old alumni!!!!
Have fun tomorrow and BUNDLE up! It is COLD out there!!!!!

Lauren said...

I hope Matt gets to go to David Lipscomb...he'll be close but have the chance to "be on his own".

Jaden can go to MTSU and still live at home. :)