Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Home Tour 08'

Hello and welcome to our home for the Holiday's.
This is my first year doing this, and hope you enjoy it.
One of our traditions is putting the tree up on Thanksgiving, and My
Mom always helps. By the time we are done we are so tired.
Well, come on in.......

First off we can't forget the best NFL team now can we.
This is Jaden's part. He puts out all the houses. And let me tell you
dare I touch how his sets this up.

One of my lighted houses.

Our house this past Friday when we had a gorgeous SNOW

The kids stockings from Pottery Barn. Just simple. Hey , they are boys.

The Kids tree, boring but with all their little ornaments.

My breakfast table.

Our tree, 9ft. No it is not pre-lit. It is lite
by me and My mom. 1000 lites.

Our home.
Thanks for visiting.
Merry Christmas and may God Bless you in 2009!


Granny K. said...

Beautiful tree but mine is prettier. Just ask Jaden. He says I have the most beautiful tree in the whole wide world. Jaden loves me.

Anna Mae said...

Good job. I love the picture of your house with the snow coming down. That would make a great Christmas card.

Kelee said...

Your decorations look beautiful and it is scary how similar our trees look!

Lauren said...

It's all beautiful! I love Jaden's houses and your table!