Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

Here are some things about me that you might not know.....

1) I grew up in LA, that stand for Lower Antioch . Better known as the hood now. For those of you who done know where that is, it is in South Nashville. Back then.... and I do mean way back then it was just good ole' country boys and girls. Now..... well like I said it is the Hood, or little Mexico. Whewww how times have changes.


2) I am what most people would think of as a girly girly, but on the weekend I will wash my own car, do yard work and clean outside. I am not afraid to mow grass, weedeat, clean cars or anything like that. I am REALLY funny about a clean car. I think the ole' saying is true, You are what you drive. And nothing drives like a clean car. Now the inside might not be as clean, but you wont see me in a dirty car on the outside very often. I was taught well by my Father.Especially in my line of work, you gotta look good!

3) I do drink coffee most every morning. That is usually the first thing I do in the morning. Cream and Sugar please. But only 1 cup.


4) I am a sports nut! I love , love , love, love The Tennessee Titans! And I love baseball(duh), I love racing . I grew up going to the race track in Nashville most of my younger years and teenage years. My father worked down there and we went every Saturday night. Total redneck , I know. But I loved it.


5) I love to shop. I love shoes, purses and clothes. I also like buying for the house. I like changing Comforters on the bed too. I am not one of these people that will have the same bedding on the bed for years and years.


6) I AM A CLEAN FREAK! I have a nick name from some of my friends ...... they call me "April", like as in April Fresh. I am very , very bad about cleaniness. Now, my house does get a bit messy during the summer because I live at the ballfield and POOL, but other than that I am REALLY bad about cleaning. And because of that I really have a phobia of staying in a Hotel. In fact if Matthews ball team has to stay overnight at anytime, they usually get me to find the hotel because they know I will find the BEST and cleanest.

Now that I am done with this..... I tag everyone that reads this and has not been tagged yet.

Have fun! Happy Hump Day.. :)

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Lauren said...

All things that I LOVE ABOUT YOU!! Especially the cleaning thing. Will you be mad if I start calling you "April"?? Lol!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ugh, I love to read the "tags" for people but don't like to do them!