Sunday, June 22, 2008

Very proud MOTHER....

That is me tonight. Well, it is about 11:50 pm Sunday night and we just got home from a day at the ball field again. It was our last night at Vanderbilt playing in a showcase tournament.
I am going to attempt to make a long story short.
Matthew played 2 games today, one at 3:15, and one at 5:30. He pitched the 2nd game.
He was a little excited because we all know who is sitting in the stands watching all these game..... yes COLLEGE scouts. Recruiting scouts. This is a huge deal to a teenager let me tell you.
Ok... play by play. Game one is over, game 2 fixing to start. As usual, Matthew sits in dugout gets the ball, gets his glove and waits on game time. I text a message to him and said this
"go out there, have confidence, and have fun, and PRAY". Those were my words to him. I knew how bad he wanted to pitch at Vanderbilt stadium and how much he wanted to do well.

Ok.... game starts. Matthew takes to the mound, walks the first batter. His mother (me) is sitting there saying this is not gonna happen , he is gonna do good. Well, it got better from there.
1st inning is over, and I see a guy walk over to a couple of guys that were clocking Matthews speed and then he walked over to our head coach , they talked. Well I am sitting on the front row taking pictures of my son and here walks over our head coach and he told me that a coach from
Missouri wanted to talk to Matthew after the game and the rest was a BLURR. I about died.
Really, I just about fell out of my seat and croaked right there on the spot. I guess if you have a heart attack having it near Vanderbilt hospital would be the place, LOL.

Anyway, I sat there a second and thought to myself "did I really hear him right"?
This is why you play ball, this is why we do this and this is what we dreamed of.

I know, this keeps getting longer and longer. Well, after he pitched 6 innings they pulled him. After the game I am sitting there watching Matt like a hawk to see who is gonna talk to him. It was the most COOLEST feeling in the world. I mean I am sitting there with my camera taking pictures like crazy.
The coach was from The College of the Ozarks in Missouri. Now, not that this is where he will go or not, but to have someone pick your son out of all those kids is totally cool.
And can we also say that I am thinking of who is home with a computer that can tell me where the heck it is..... ok I call Stacy and he does Map quest from their web site and it is about 470 miles from HOME, and 8 1/2 hours. Can we say that at that moment I had a melt down even thinking that my child could be that far away from HOME, and me and especially JADEN!
Oh my GOsh......

last but not least... Matthew is on cloud 9 million. Is is so excited just to get this kind of acknowledgement.

Ok, I will post more later................. but just couldn't wait!


Lauren said...

This is AWESOME!!!! I started crying at the part where you sent him that text message. That, in a nutshell, sums you up as a mom. All of the games you've been to, all the traveling, all the hours spent roasting in the sun like a piece of Elm Hill are going to pay off!!! :) And it's a great testimony to the dedication you have for your sons.

#1 Granny said...

The video brought tears to my eyes. My "first sweetie" all grown up. I am so proud of him. Matt is a really good kid.

Michelle, you are a good Mother and have two exceptional boys. I love you all with all my heart.

Kelee.... said...

Just like the others, I sat here at the computer with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I am so proud of Matthew and I can't believe that I am watching the same little guy who was ring bearer in my wedding!