Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009....lots of Pictures

Can Not believe that Christmas 2009 has come and gone.
Boy that was fast. We had about 4 days of food, food and more food.
Presents , presents and more presents.
We spent our holidays at home.
Christmas eve was with my Mom at her house with all the family.
My Dad and step mom came in on Christmas day and stayed
for 2 nights.
We had a great time all weekend with everyone.
There is a lot of pictures on this post and not really
in order......I added some as I went.
Hope you all had a very nice holiday.
Happy New Year!!!!
The boys stockings filled with goodies
My brother and his lovely wife

The kids on Christmas night

My Dad......

Everyone in my kitchen fixing plates

I got all the kids a Zhu Zhu pet. Wrapped them up alike and
made them sit down and open them at the same time. They loved
them. They were so happy which made my day.
If the kids are happy, I am happy.
Of course Matt didn't get one... see him sitting on the chair
in the background thinking "Oh Lord". haha

opening Zhu Zhu pets!
MacKenzie (matts girlfriend) Opening her little ring from Matt
he bought her a heart ring with Diamonds in it
From Kay.
he wrapped that little ring in several big boxes.
Her instructions

Jadens gift from Matt. A UT football signed by the team.
Matt is good friends with one of the players and he got them to sign
it for Jaden. He was thrilled!!!!
Jadens letter to Santa......
1:30am......Santa finally has all the gifts out!
This is just for the boys!

Bet he was tired!

This is Jaden at school. They exchanged gifts.
$5.00 gift and passed them around while music played.
She divided them in groups.
Jadens Class. Love his Teacher this year!

This is my little sweet adopted niece Kaylea.
She had PJ day at school and this is her modeling her
new PJ's I bought for her.
She had to be styling...haha

Kassie and niece and nephew

Daisy...... need I say more.

Hope you all have all your dreams come true
in 2010.
God bless!



Lauren said...

Those pics of Daisy are hilarious!

Karla looks like Faith Hill in that photo...

Kaylea could not be cuter..I love the polka dots.