Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Class of's all happening now.

OK, so I know it has been FOREVER since I have posted. My life is one BIG
whirlwind. I am so busy with the boys and work and just life.
This post is mostly pictures.
It is gonna be a quick one but had to get some pictures posted so everyone
will be happy. Ha
Anyway, we have had prom, college talks, Senior day at the ball field and
the beginning of meltdowns for me :)
This is Matt and his friend Kelsea. They went to the prom together.
They don't date, just friends.
Is this not just the cutest?

The guys before the dates! They are handsome!

Matthew getting ready. He said, "do I have to put these things
in the sleeves?" ha ha


Had some pictures done at Krista Lee Photography in
Nashville for Matts Sr. Pics. Here are a few that I like.

Look at those eyes! Knock em' dead Matt.

Sr. night. Pitching
Matthew and Coach during ceremony
Kleenex PLEASE!!!!!!

More to come.
Count down.
Graduation May 15th
Cruise May 29th
1st day of college............don't wanna think about it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tornado on Good Friday

Nothing like driving to Knoxville, Tn for a ball game with my 18 yr old
and your brother calling you on the phone and saying "Mom's house has been hit by the
tornado". Ya see, Jaden and my brothers kids were home with her when it
hit. Talk about me being in total PANIC.
But thank GOD all of them were safe.
There is so many more pictures to post and I will get around to it
soon, but I can tell you that I am worn out, tired, and need rest.
Here are a few pictures from the storm.
Praise God that we are all OK.
The storm touched down less than 2 miles from my house.

Here is Jaden checking things out the day after the storm.
Moms House. Garage wall is gone.

Mom's backyard

This is probably really close to where she was. This is
an incredible picture. Her house would be about where you
see the cloud go down.

Will post more later.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just some cute stuff

I have not posted anything about Jaden lately so I thought I better catch up. Today I stayed home and we did some things around the house and some errands. He is still on spring break and before the rain hit we went to Target to get him a few new clothes and then we went to Lowes to get a few flowers.
We worked outside today and did a little yard work.
We have company coming tomorrow so we are trying to get everything
looking good and clean.
Here are a few pics that I took from my cell phone today.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.


We were in line at Lowes and this little old man came up to me and asked me if he could give Jaden this little cross. Of course I said yes and Jaden stuck his hand out and accepted it. It made his day. He was so proud of that. He said "when people do that it makes me feel good".
I thought that was sweet of him.
Here is the little Landscaper pushing my buggy like a good little gentlemen.

This is Jaden helping me clean house. He loves to help . He has been in a really good
mood today. Think he liked spending the day with his Mama! Ha.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did I mention I have LOTS to do?

Well I feel like I am a downward spiral and don't know what end is up.
Matthew has got so much going on and I have no clue how I even keep up.
We have graduation on May 15th, we have to do senior pictures next week. We still need to go visit a couple of colleges. We have baseball, baseball, baseball. We have Prom. I have to send in payment to order cap/gown. And throw Jaden in the mix of all that and you can officially call my life CraZy!
Oh yes don't forget I'm trying to plan his graduation party and also his senior trip which is a cruise that me and another Mom are going on with 4 boys!
By then I may need to be out of the country for a week. No cell phone,
no 8 yr old saying "Mom, Mom, Mom" and NO SCHOOL or baseball.
So here we are T minus 45 days and counting til
May 15th.
Am I ready, probably not.
Do I have a choice NO.

Here is Matt being Matt. This is the Tux he is wearing. The girl that he is going with has a dark brown dress. He chose the Dark Brown tux with White shirt and vest and brown tie.
It looks way better in person. I didn't think black would work, and the only other would be white
or cream and that could be a disaster for Matthew.
Oh did I mention it will be $174.00 to rent. Calvin Klein. He has good taste like his Mom.
May 15th is graduation at 7pm.
I am excited , but wonder how I will hold up.

Do you all remember this picture?
Well take this picture times X 100.
Matt still does not know where he will go. He has been accepted everywhere he
applied. He says he is waiting til after baseball to decide.
BUT it is driving me nuts.

We still get a million things in the mail. And all the colleges that have accepted him
are wearing me out! People, we DO NOT know yet.
We are gonna go visit 1 or 2 in the next few weeks. I hope anyway.
Did I mention I have SO much?