Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Home Tour.....See where we live!

But first I wanted to tell you that.........
October is Breast Cancer Month.
I know several people that have been affected by breast cancer so this
has opened my eyes to this horrible illness.
I went yesterday and did a Mammogram for the first time ever.
Of course it is not something they recommend until you reach 40 I think
so of course I am barely there :)
I am glad to say that it was painless and it was
all normal.

Now for the last few months I have not posted much. I love
She always does a post on Fridays about her home,
her nursery , her cooking, her wedding and all sorts of stuff.
I had several people email me when I did post one time and it was pictures of my
kitchen. So here is the rest of the story....
Welcome to our home!!!!!!!!

Our Kitchen area

Master bedroom

Another view of the master bedroom

Nite stand in bedroom. I love my laps.

Spare bathroom that I just redone in Blue/Zebra

Again, love this little lamp. It's really cute at night.

Shower curtain from Target' (Tar Jay')

Living room. Really don't like this room. Want to do
a major make over.

Foyer area

Hearth room area. This is where I spend most of my time.
It is right off the kitchen. Now I just need me a 45" flat screen.

Front porch area decorated for fall.

Front door. LOVE my door!!!

Love this grass out back. It is really pretty .

Front view . Today its 82 and sunny. I have cleaned
house all day and worked in yard which I love to do.
To me the outside is just as important as the inside.
First impressions are always the most lasting and you see
the outside before you see the inside! I am as particular
about the outside as I am the inside if not more so. :)

No weeds in this yard or landscaping. I love my yard.
Love my landscaping.
Hope you have a great weekend.!!!