Saturday, January 31, 2009

Senior Moments of Bowling

Ok, I am warning you now that this is kinda long. And I added my pictures before I started to type and it did the ones I needed at the first part and it put them at the bottom. Oh well.
Let me start by saying that I am very much starting to feel the pain of my son being a senior and all these wonderful memories that we are having are starting me make me very emotional.
Matthew made the state Individual Bowling Tournament this year. He went in it being #5 in the whole state! Yep, #5.
It started out with 48 bowling on Thursday and then went to 24. He mad the top 24 and again was # 5 when they re-seeded the kids. He then bowled and then they took the top 6. He didn't do as good and we figured he would end up #9. We heck no.... he got the 6th and final spot. When they called his name I just about tackled him.
I was so proud. He did so good.
He then had to be back on Friday at 8:30am. So it was down to 6 bowlers to be the state champ. He did pretty good , but he ended up finishing 6th.
Here are a few pics.
I am also adding some in another post of some other things.
Needless to say, bowling is over and here we come BASEBALL!!!!!!
Oh and did I tell you that Matthew has also been in the paper 4 times this week and his is the Athlete of the week for our area. And he also got interviewed by a college coach for bowling.

Matthew and the other 5 getting the awards. He is the one on left... TOO TALL jones.
Matt on the left

Matt doing an interview for paper

Sitting and waiting to see if he made it to the final. This is where he was sitting when I got up and tackled him when we heard his name as the last spot to get in.

Another interview!

This is some of his closest friends that came to support him. He has some great friends. He had lots of people there. Even when his name was called there were several tears shed.

Here is Matt in action! Yay, he is awesome!


Amanda said...

I am so excited for you both! Congratulations Matthew!!!

Anna Mae said...

Way to go Matt!! Congratulations on the bowling and I suspect there will be more awards in baseball.

Good Job.

Kelee said...

So Proud!!!!You really raised a great son!

Lauren said...

His accomplishments are a testament to what an awesome mother he has!! I'm getting a little teary just thinking about it!

I'm so glad that he has friends and coaches who truly want the best for him and support him. I'm sure they would've been there even if he placed 20th.

Yay, Matt!