Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and everything else!

Hello, My name is Daisy. I am happy to be to my new home with Matt and Jaden. Although I look like a little FOO FOO dog they still love me. I am half Maltese and half Bishon.

I am almost 4 months old and I have been a very good little girl. Jaden named me before he even knew he was getting me for Christmas. See Mommy told him a friend got a new little girl puppy and what would be a good name and he said "Daisy". I have a few cute sweaters and I sleep all night.

I am sure you will see more of me on this blog.

Ok,enough about me.... here is the rest of the family.

Ok, the holidays have kept me going like a crazy woman. Whew. Hope everyone had a good one. We did, and the kids got a bunch from Santa. Matt goes back to school on Monday and Jaden has one more week out.

Good news this week, I sold a house that closes Jan 20th. I am very thankful for that. Good way to start the new year.

The boys and I went out to eat New Years eve at Chili's and had a great time then came home and watched all the fun TV shows and the guy who did that jump in Las Vegas. WOW. Crazy.

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share. I will do more later.

I have been reading all the blogs out there , I may not post a comment because I have been so busy, but I will soon.

Matt and Jaden Christmas dinner with My family.

My little sweet Dawson checking out the Tree. Aunt's let the

kids do these things. He loved the tree.

Matt plays basketball for the Church league. He loves it, keeps him in shape too.

Matt and Jaden opening new drums for Rockband.

Boy, we have had fun with that. Should hear me sing on that thing... NOT!

Jaden Singing at his school program. It was really cute. They had a breakfast for the parents.

I did all the craft for the kids and it was pefect. All the parents thanked me.

This is Matt and his entire baseball team at the VA hospital. We go every year. Me and Jaden tag along to visit too. We take them things like socks, lotions and things like that. The patients love seeing the boys. Of course Jaden is always a hit with them too since he is small. I love it as well. It does my heart good to see those men who gave to this country happy to see these kids. Some of them have noone that visits. Jaden and I took up with one of the men 2 yrs ago and was hoping to see him this time, but he had been moved. We took him a special gift last year, but didnt get to see him this year. But we had a wonderful time. It is a great experience for them and I am glad that we can join them.

the kid loves music!!!

Christmas Eve after Santa left the gifts out about 2am. I bet

he (she) was tired.Jaden got a Titans football signed by the Team. I

got gooooood connections!



Hope everyone hade a great holiday and hope everyone has great 2009. I have so far.

Lots of love to everyone.!!!!


Granny said...

Very did good kid.

Have a great 2009 & I love you all.

Lauren said...

OMG...little Daisy is PRECIOUS!!!! I can't wait to see her! Dawson will love her!

Love the pic of Jaden cute!

Amanda said...

I am loving Daisy! Too cute!!! I have GOT to come see her!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I want your dog and Caleb wants the football signed by the Titans! He would be so jealous if he knew! How in the heck idd you manage that? WHAT A MOM!!!!-Sophia