Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 1991 @ 4:52 pm

I became the proud Mom of
Matthew Allen.
Matthew means a gift from God and Allen is after my
very favorite Uncle in the world (although all my uncles are special).
Matthew weighed 7lb 120z.
Little did I know that 18 yrs later he would be
6'5" tall and 205lbs.
He has made me so proud through all these years. He is a great student in school.
He has played about every sport in the world and done great.
He is the best son, and the BEST brother to Jaden.
I lost 2 babies before Matthew was born so when he came along it was so special.
Matthew , we all love you. You have made us all proud and you are fixing to be going on a new adventure in the world of College. I know you will do well, and I know you will make us all proud.
All your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and family all love you!
Happy Birthday SON!

6 weeks old. He had a head full of hair from day 1.
Age 2

Age 3

18, OMG! Did I say 18.

6'5" tall

I love you son and you make me proud.
Stay the way you are in life and you will reach all your dreams.


Amanda said...

I hope you have a great day, Matthew!

Lauren said...


Omg, he looks just like you in the 2-year-old picture!

You've done an amazing job with him - why else do you think he's so great??? :)

Happy Birthday,Matt!

Granny K. said...

Matthew, Happy 18th Birthday. I am so poud of you. I wish you the best today and all the days of your life.