Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in Tennessee & Basketball

We got about 4-5 inches of snow overnight. The further south you are the more you got. I woke up at 6am and looked out and never went back to sleep. I am like a big kid when it snows. I love it. I wished it would have snowed 2 feet!
It was a pretty snow. It stuck to everything.
Enjoy the pics.
This is our house!!!

Daisy's first snow!! She loved it.

Top of Matthews car!
Part 2 of Posting....
It is Basketball tournament time in our area. It is so exciting.
Of course Jaden loves this. Here are a few pictures of his fun time during the games.
We have won the last 3 games and we play Tuesday night.
SO MUCH fun!!!

This is Jaden running out. I wish this was not blurry.
This is our team. We won the district, now we play in the Regions.
The coach always makes sure that Jaden is right in the middle.
He thinks he is the stuff...... so sweet. The boys just love him too.

This is after they won. Jaden always runs down there to give them all a HIGH 5.
Again.... we just love it.


Granny Kennedy said...

Love the snow pictures. You know how I love snow. Great pictures of Granny's "Sweeties".

Amanda said...

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how you got that much snow, Atlanta got more, and we got none!!!! Oh well, maybe next year!

Kelee said...

The snow is beautiful and your dog Daisy is so cute! I'm sad that we didn't get any of the snow...don't you love it.

Lauren said...

Daisy looks so cute! She's as white as the snow!

Of course, Jaden looks like such the little celebrity. :)

Lauren said...

Love the new header, by the way!