Monday, February 23, 2009

Fifths Disease and Misc...

Hello All... we have had a crazy week or so.
Jaden broke out with a rash about a week ago. Of course I didn't think anything
about it until it got worse and worse. It went from one part of his body to another.
It started on his back, then stomach, then face, and now his arms and feet.
Took him to the doctor and he has Fifth Disease!
When that doctor said that... all I heard was DISEASE! I had
not clue what the heck that was. Anyway, it is really nothing.
He has no symptoms and feels fine.
Here are a couple pics!

This is Jadens arm. You can't really see it too well. It is much worse
in person.
Jaden sitting in room waiting for an HOUR on the doctor.


Part 2 of this post. Through facebook my school classmates have re-connected.
We have gone bowling twice. Once last month and once this month. It is anyone who went to
Antioch from 1985-90.
I know....... we are old.
Anyway, here are a few pics from our fun. It has been great seeing faces and meeting friends
again. We have had a great time.

This is Darrell... he was a Special Ed student back in 86'. He came to the bowling
thing Saturday night and we had to get all the women with him and take
a picture. Let me tell you what .... it made his NIGHT!
See me in the very back. ha ha

This is some ole' friends that I went to school with . We had such a great time
catching up on life and family. Have not seen these people in about 24-25 yrs.
Hope everyone is well! Oh yea, let me tell you that I am still having senior meltdowns.
Matt picks up his invitations on Thursday and he is got a girlfriend, and is going to
2 proms.
I am very happy for him.


Lauren said...

Jaden looks THRILLED. ;)

I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious than that!

I liked seeing the people you've been bowling with - that guy looks so happy to be surrounded by all you hot women! :)