Sunday, February 15, 2009

More misc news!

Yes it is that time of year... BASEBALL! Scrimmage games started on Saturday for
Matthew. The nerves hit me Saturday morning when I knew Matthew would
pitch 1 inning and I was praying that his arm would hold up.
I worked myself into a head ache.
So I got to the game and he finally pitched inning 3. The coach
only lets his pitchers pitch one inning during scrimmage games.
Well as Matt went up to the mound, got the ball my heart sunk into my
stomach. I was so nervous what it might be like.
I have to say that I was so PROUD. He did great. No pain in
his arm, and he did really , really good.
I want him to have such a good season because this is his senior year and it is the end of a lot
of good times. He will still play, but high school ball = great friends, memories to last
a life time and so much fun.
Here are a few pictures. we go!
From the stretch......

Love the game

Here is Jaden at the High school basketball game. We clinched the district
Friday night. We start tourn. play this Friday. Jaden loves this and the players
love him back. We are gonna miss this too!

Here is Jaden at his own basketball game. He loves the game.

One thing I am wondering..... How I am gonna make it through the next 2
months before Matt graduates!
It is becoming very real!

Countdown to May 15th.....


Granny Kennedy said...

I am glad Matt pitched well. I look foward to his games this season. I know he will do good. I bet there will not be enough Kleenex in Murfreesboro to dry the eyes of the Mothers on Senior Night at the Baseball field. Matt has played with some of these kids since day one.

I have been to a million baseball games and have enjoyed it. I will miss them and I will miss the good hamburgers at the concession stand YUM!!

Lauren said...

Yay for Matt! I know you are so proud of him. And of Jaden!