Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random STUFF

There has been so much going on that I am just gonna post a few odd and end things.
Here are just some random things!
And also make sure you check out the video to the right of
my athlete of the week!
I taught him everything he knows. Ha Ha!

This Is Matthew and a couple of friends at one of our Basketball games. Aren't they cute?
Matthew and Kolson getting snacks and coke. This is how we spoil Kolson when Kenny is not around.

Jaden at the Basketball game.

Jaden at his 1st game this year #13..what the heck..13, hmmm maybe that is whey he didn't play that well.

This is Me with Kenny and Karla and a few friends. We had a little Mini reunion
at the Bowling lanes a couple weeks ago. There were about 40-45 people there that went the school that Kenny and I went to. We seen people that we have not seen in years. We all have re-connected from Facebook.
That is my new addiction! Have you all tried Facebook yet?


Granny Kennedy said...

I am so proud of Matthew. Great pictures of all the kids.

Now it is off to baseball. With games for Matt, Jaden and Kolson, it will keep us hopping.

Lauren said...

Kolson looks like he hit the lottery with his snacks! The look on his face is hilarious!