Friday, May 8, 2009

Can I have a Kleenex

I need a whole box or case of Kleenex. Last night was Matthew's last high school baseball game.
I was so heart broken when it was over. I knew this was gonna be the hardest day and I was right, it was. To see Matthew walk off that field for the last time as a Siegel Star hurt so bad. he came out with his head hanging low and I am sure he was thinking to himself "man this is it, it is over for high school". I gonna miss everyone. Ya see, Matthew has played ball since the age of 5. We have traveled all over. We have made so many friends and here we are saying good bye to a big part of it. He still has summer ball to play , but this is a big piece of our life now in the history book.
Here are a few pics from the night.
But first a little note to my son.
Matthew, I am so proud of you. You are an awesome young man. You have made us all proud.
You have been a leader, and you are a great role model for your little brother.
You have been the son that I would say anyone would be proud of.
I am proud to call you my son.
I would not trade one single moment of all these great memories at the ball field.
From freezing to death at the early season games to sitting out in 100 degree temps and playing 9 games in one day when you were just 8 yrs old.
You are loved and you make me proud.

Matt won 2 awards at banquet last night.
Matthew and MacKenzie between games on Wed nite.

Jaden giving a little advise

Last game he pitched.

Are they not the cutest!!!!

Matthew and some of his friends at Banquet

Receiving Award
One of his Coaches after last game.

Head hangin low

Dang, we are gonna miss this. TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With love,
One proud Mom


Lauren said...

Thanks for making me cry this early in the day!!

I know how proud you are. Y'all have invested so much and it has definitely paid off.

Congratulations, Matt!

Granny Kennedy said...

I am so proud of Matthew and it is hard to believe that his days as a Siegel Star are over.

I wish Matt well as he ends his high school days and starts college. I know that he will do well in life.

Bethany said...

Congratulations to your son!

I enjoy reading your blog...I just have to ask, is there any chance you'll be posting more "Home Tour" pictures??? I'm following Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Tours and your kitchen/den tour was the absolute prettiest room out of all 400 entries!!! So, I've been checking back to see if you've posted any more rooms. Ha! You have great design style and gave me tons of ideas for my kitchen! Hope you have a great day.