Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is why I always wanted a girl

God Blessed me with 2 wonderful boys but anytime I can spoil and play with a little
girl I will. This is Kaylea. She is my "niece". Well really she is my sister in laws
niece (her brothers little girl) but she has become a real part of our family. She came home
with me yesterday for a couple of hours. My Mom keeps her while everyone
is at work. When she got her she wanted to take a bath. She loves baths.
So after she got out I was doing my hair and getting ready and she
was so interested in it that we had to take charge and make
her a "Girly Girl".
Maybe God did know what he was doing when he gave me boys.
I think I would be broke and the girl would be ruined! Ha.
Isn't she cute!


Lauren said...

So precious! She is lucky to have you!

Amy said...

Hey Boy Momma!!
I cruised to your blog through Kelly's Home Tour. You have a beautiful home, but I was more charmed by your two boys. I have two boys, LOVE baseball, and have two neices that I adore who will hopefully take care of me when I get old because my two boys will probably forget they ever had a momma!! Have a great day and maybe cruise over to hargrovescrambledeggs.blogspot. Check out my two little punks!!
:-) I think we have alot in common!