Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9-11

Do you remember where you were when this happened to our great country?

I do.

I was at home, putting on my make up and watching the Today show.

Something I will never forget!

Where were you?

lasley sign


Leigh Ann said...

Wow. Those pictures gave me chills. I have been thinking about this all day!

Lauren said...

I was getting ready to go to class when the Pentagon was the time I got to the Mass Comm. building, the first tower had been hit. I was sitting in a huge classroom when the second plane attacked. I remember a girl I didn't know and haven't seen since sitting next to me, grabbing my arm and saying "Oh, my God" when it happened. People were crying, calling relatives in the middle of class. It was unreal.

Anonymous said...

I was in Pennsylvania waiting for my neice, Kelee, to come up from the operating room after a c-section. Kelee's mother came up and said, the Pentagon has been hit by a plane. I thought she was joking. I asked her what was the rest of the joke. She was serious. I never thought anything like that could happen. Not to the Pentagon. Kelee gave birth to Noah Douglas at about the same time as the jets hit the twin towers. I will never forget that day.

Amanda said...

I will never forget how I felt that day: fear, pride, and sadness. I was at home studying and spent most of the next 24 hours glued to the tv.