Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Senior Melt Down Part II

Applications #1
Decisions, decisions
Lots of choices to look at and study
From a little bit of everywhere....
The stressed out Ole' Mom.....

Where O' Where will my first baby go? Go where you ask? COllEGE!!!! Yes, like as in maybe move out, or move away(tear , tear).

I am telling you, if any of you have been to college recently and or are in the process of elimination like we are then you know that the heck I am talking about.

This is CRaZY! We get stuff daily in the mail, and more and more and more confussion goes along with every packet that comes in.

Well, as we sit down last night and looked thru this massive pile of nice packets(confussion) we

had some more talking to do.

Questions from dear Ole' Mom started in. Oh by the way , I am dear ole' Mom(old is more like it). Ha.

Here we go "Matthew , where do you really want to go?" he says UT Knoxville. Ok, hmmm ($$)

We need to send off a few, so "where else?"... how about Tennessee Tech, MTSU, and a few others were mentioned. Ok...........

As we set there and fill out these small journals called applications and make out all the checks to send them off, Jaden starts paying more and more attention to the fact that this is getting to become real. He says "Matt, I think you should just go to MTSU". Matt said no, Jaden, I think I will go to a College in California. In other words, he is aggervating him.

To make a long story short, my sweet little baby boy does not , and I do mean NOT want his brother to move out or away.

We finished up 4 applications, and we will see what happens. He has to take the ACT again. Well, I guess he doesnt have too, but he is. He has only took it once and scored good but we want to see how he can do on the 2nd one.

Here are the ones that we sent so far

1. UT Knoxville


3. Tennessee Tech

4. GA Tech

He still thinks he is leaning towards Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, or Pre-Dentist.

We will let you know! Stay tuned.

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Granny said...

Reality sets in. I know Jaden would prefer Matt to go to MTSU. It is 5 mins away a plus for sure.

Are you all having fun yet?? Sorry.

Kelee.... said...

How about WVU or Ohio State??? Just Joking! Holly says she is going right next door to Ohio University Eastern Campus. She said she will go there because she likes her bedroom! Isn't that cute?

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Your face in that picture is cracking me up!

Lauren said...

What a cute post!! All that mail is INSANE! I like his choices though...all good schools...but maybe we should x out the Ga Tech so he can get IN STATE TUITION!! I'll try to bribe him with some brownies. :)