Friday, July 18, 2008

Baseball, baseball, baseball.....

Ok, lets get it done boys.
See if you can hit this... I didn't think so
Great job #15. Way to shut em' out
Matthew and one of his best friends after the game.

That is all we seem to do these days. Matthew is almost done with his summer season with the Murfreesboro Diamondbacks. It has been a lot of fun.

Wednesday started the 18U World Series. They have won all 3 games played so far.

They played last night in Franklin ..... and to make a long story short one of our other players started the game and then after 5 innings they pulled him and put someone else in. Of course I didn't expect to see Matt, but all of a sudden I see this 6'5" kid walking out of the bull pen.

Oh yes, it's Matt. Well he came in the middle of the 5th to finish the game. He did great. The team we played was from Canada. We play again today at 3pm.

Here are a few pics.

lasley sign


Lauren said...

LOVE the picture of he and his friend hugging. Priceless!!