Sunday, July 20, 2008

World Series game......

Ok, lets go get it on!

Look at that face why dont you.

Guys, come on. Help me out here. PLEASE

Lord, come on and help me out here. This is getting ugly quick.

After it was all over, they still had a lot of fun.

Well, this did not turn out how we wanted , but to make it to this game was a lot of fun. We had a great day on Saturday and we made it to the Championship game. We were the final 2 out of 38 teams. We played teams from Ohio, Canada, Conn. and several other.

Today was the big game. As the boys would tell you.... we went to the BIG dance.

Matt was told he would pitch this game. He was so excited, as so was I . It didn't go so

great, but it didn't go great for the other 5 pitchers that he put in after Matt.

During the 1st inning there were 2 errors that kills a pitcher. But it is a game, and that is gonna happen.

To make a long story short we lost 21-0....... OH YEA that is what I said. It was a good OLE" fashion butt whoppin!!!!!!!! To put it mildly.

We play another world series this weekend and then ball is over for a few months. This weekend is the 19U age group! Should be nice and HOT again and a lot of fun.

lasley sign


Lauren said...

I can tell how hot it was because Matt's face is red as a beet!! I'm sorry they lost. That's a great group pic at the end.