Monday, October 27, 2008

Code Blue

This is Matthew setting in the waiting room at the doctor today (sneaky me with my cell phone camera).
Anyway the news was pretty good. He still has a slight tear in the MCL and a slight bone fracture. The doctor said he must rest his arm from pitching for 4 weeks and then start Phy. Therapy.
This is pretty good news. He feels really good that he will be ready for Feb 12th starting practice date. He did say that he can bowl, but if it starts to hurt that he is to stop that too. So over all he is happier than he was last night and now for the CODE BLUE

If you haven't heard tonight is CODE BLUE... and for any of you NON football fans and Non Titan fans it means everyone here is to wear blue to the game and else where. See Matt has his jersey on.
Monday night football in Music City, Nasvhille, TN.
Let's go take care of the COLTS and Peyton Manning. (yuck)
Lets go 7-0! Betcha' we do !
Gotta go, it is game time and snack time.
See ya.

lasley sign


Amanda said...

PTL!!! That is such good news! He should be good to go by baseball season!
You need to stop talking bad about my husband Peyton! Haha!

Kelee said...

Poor Matthew! He can't even get privacy from your blog at the hospital. I'm the same way, always taking pictures for this blogging addiction.