Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Friday News

TGIF ! Let me recap our week...... First off, I did EARLY VOTE! Get out there and vote !

Whew what a week. We have been busy. Matthew had Doctor appt Monday for his arm and went back on Tuesday for another MRI. We go back on Monday the 27th for the results. The doctor said he could do surgery but that would put him out for 9-12 months (NOT).
He looked at me when he said that and knew that I am saying NO WAY. The doctor then went
on to say that he didn't want him to miss his Senior year and any opportunity he may have. Ya think?

We are really fired up around this town over our star in the World Series. If you didn't know his name is David Price. Anyway to make a long story short he is from here, went to Vandy, and now is 23 and in the World Series. This is so awesome. He pitched for the win of game 2 last night. Pitched 3 innings. Way to go David. We are very excited!

Matthew is now in bowling season. Doctor said he could as long as it didn't hurt his arm. He has done really well. He is 2nd in the District right now. Way too cool. He loves this, and I hate to say but I would rather see the strikes off the pitcher mound rather than down bowling lanes. Ha
But if he makes it to the individual State Tourn (which he is well on his way) I do enjoy that. It was alot of fun last year when he made it. But Matt loves it, so that makes me happy :)
This morning Jaden got ready for school and usually has about 15 minutes of down time to do whatever he wants before we pack up and head to school. Usually he goes up stairs and plays a quick game on the XBOX 360. Well this morning I noticed he wasn't upstairs, he was laying on the couch in the hearth room reading his book...... and it was not just any book. It was his Bible.
I just thought that was so cute and sweet.

Isn't that just adorable. And it amazes me that being in 2nd grade that he is such a good reader and speller.

Hope you all have a good weekend. It is cool and rainy here. Suppose to be a great weekend though. Oh yea, in case you care. Titans play MONDAY night football vs. the COLTS. I would say that MY Titans will be 7 & 0 come Monday!
We won't talk about UT playing Alabama. It will probably be a good Ole' fashion BUTT whooin.

lasley sign


Amanda said...

Woohoo, only 24 more hours until I am in the 'boro!!!! I am sad to say that I love the Titans, but I am going to have to cheer on my boyfriend Peyton and his Colts Monday night! I could never cheer against my future husband! Haha!

Amy said...

Aw, the picture of your son reading that Bible got to me! So sweet!

Lauren said...

Jaden is just the sweetest little boy ever. That is a great picture!

Um,yeah. You were right about the butt-whoopin'!

I hope you get good results...