Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been a while

so I have a lot to say.
It has just been crazy around here lately. Of couse we were on vacation for a week, and then Jaden had a second week off. He goes back to school on Monday. I am kinda sad about that, but I guess it will be good to get back in a routine.

Well as many of you know, the market for houses is TERRIBLE. It is really slow here. I am getting a little bit worried, and kinda getting bored and may try to find something part time. I don't want to work full time if at all possible because being here for my kids is important to me.
Especially being here for Matt as he gets ready in about 8 months to head of into the BIG world of college. No, we have not made our mind up on that. We still get piles and piles of stuff everyday.
Matt seems to be enjoying his senior year..... oh and he is dating a cheerleader from Riverdale High. They have gone out a few times, and she has been over her too. Really cute girl and seems really sweet. They went out last night after football, and then he took her out tonight to O'Charlies.

Matt also played a baseball game this week and as he was pitching he turned to the dug out and pointed to his elbow...... oh yes, his elbow is very sore again. We have another doctor appt on Monday at 1pm. The last injury was a sprain to the MCL. I hope that is all it is again, or just a little rust on the arm since he has not thrown in a few months. I will post more on Monday about that.

I am glad tomorrow is Sunday and that the Titans play. We are really caught up right now in the baseball playoffs too. We are cheering for the Tampa Bay Devilrays. There is a young man that graduated from one of the local high schools and he also went to Vandy and he plays for them. I also work with his brother. They are one win away from going all the way....

Well, I will post more later and some pictures too.

Have a great weekend friends and family :)
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Amanda said...

I'm glad you updated! I've been worried about you and Lauren. You were both MIA there for a little while! Only 4 more days until I come to the 'boro!!! Yay!!!

Lauren said...

You are a great mom to care about Matthew and Jaden's every need and all the decisions that they'll have to make...about school and girlfriends and all of that.

Can you work parttime at NY and Co. so we can all get a discount? :) Lol!

Amanda said...

Ok, I have to agree with about a job at NY&Co? Then, maybe I won't have to use my credit card so much! Haha!